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  1. thank you i have an apointment next week , i have already shown them letters from the hospitel consultant they have ignored them
  2. Well things are getting worse today I was forced to go on a coarse that I said I was not able to do had the embracement if explaining in a room full of people I could not fill in the forms because I cant use my hands well enough to write , then later could not fill in the multi choice questions because of the format that requires me to remember what is written at the top of the page to answer the question , said something like rate you ability of 0 to 1 with 1 being the best , I cant actual remember it long enough to fill in the form , then went on to other questions that required me to read a page then answer questions about it , same problem . added to that I have a neck problem and there was a video screen at one end of the room and a board the presented was writing one at the other end , it was very painful to have to repeatedly move my next from side to side , I have a degerative cervical spine with trapped nerves
  3. i dont think it actuly matters as seetec will just ignore any rules , just be warned i am beging to find out just how evil they are , i cant even complain because i do they bring me into there office but dont give me a writen responce and the DWP wont look at my complaint untill seetec have and they know that ,
  4. i have checked with the DWP complaints resolution team and 3 monts prognosse does not mean you are fit for work in 3 months at all , it means they will look at you again in 3 months maybe with a medical as in my case never had a medical , problem is the email i sent to the work provda and there reply Hi Chris, This means that according to a medical professional from DWP you will be ready to and able to look for work within 3/6 months of being on the Work Programme. Regards On 10 February 2015 at 10:19, chris booth wrote: Hi Laura This may sound a silly question you keep saying I am down as with a 3 months prognoses , what do you think that means ? chris i have emailed the work provda and given then the phone number of the person i spote to at the DWP but got no reply , so will still have to go on the 3 days course that i am medicly unable to do i now suspect this is no mistake but seetec polocy to "make" esa claments JSA claments and they have been found out -- Laura Van Weerdenburg Employment Consultant Armstrong Works Sunderland House 1 Sunderland Street Macclesfield Cheshire SK11 6JF T: 0161 247 4990 T: 0330 123 3152
  5. i have already sent off the new esa50 after filling it in with the help of the citezens advice
  6. thank you for your reply simular situation as i was self employed working around my disability untill i had a stroke that put me in ESA i had every intension of returning to work untill the work program messed it up , i think they have real problems here i was talking to the advisor like she totaly in the dark , now i find out not her fault she is kept in the dark as al it says is my name DOB NI no and prognossis 3 months , she was not even corectly told what thaty actuly means , even the job center are agreing i should be in the suport group but i have to do this silly work program untill they complease a reassesment . i have thought of trying to get there funding removed as europe are not alowed by law to fund something that breaks the human rights act . has anyone else tried that , could get them thinking
  7. it appears not as they dont have any infomation about my condition so cant know ,a good example was today they know i cant write , so sent me a form in the post i have to compleate and bring in with me wensday for this 3 day corse , i forgot to add i was sanctioned a few weeks ago for mising one appontment whewn they had conflicting times , both were set by the same wrok provider who insisted i should have gone to one meetimng then the other , one was a think 9am-1pm the other at 10 am-11 am same day , i went to the 9am-1pm . i did get the sanction removed but what hope have i got with people that think 10 am comes after 1 am . also as i had a stroke have a very bad memory , so even if i had missed it i think reasonable
  8. thank you for your reply been on to the ESA compaints line they have told me to take it up with my PM is a worse situation than i thought and this is going to get a lot of people It appears a one year prognostics only means you will be reassessed for a year , for some reason I was assessed without a medical and put on the WRAG group with a 3 month prognosis ( meaning to be looked at in 3 months not fit for work in 3 months ) , now here is where it gets bad , they don’t pass on a copy of the esa50 to the work provider so they assume are fit to work with a 3 month prognosis even though I have a degenerative illness have just emailed them a copy of my esa50 as my argument is “ if they approved ESA with just the form and sick notes they must agree that is what is wrong and the problems it gives me “ looks like another IDS trick they set imposable tasks for you to o if on ESA then sanction you when you fail and magic you disappear of the statistics I did ask who was responsible if I end up in casualty and he did not want to answer
  9. thank you yes i do and have just returned the forms , but this shows just how silly the situation is , i always intended to go back to work as i have in the past worked around my condition , and was doing some permited work before the work program and planing to slowly return to part time .so never gave it a second thought that i was on the work related activity , it now appears my only chance of geting back to do any work is if i can get on the support group . !!!!!!
  10. does not apeat to be like that in my case have as degerative spine and had a stroke that put me on esa , have been forced to do a 2 week 14 day corse that was not only useles but i tolod them it would make me ill , i did manage it but at the end of the week could not use my hands and hardly able to walk , some 6 weeks later have not recovered and next week will be forced to go on another 3 day corse even though my farm clearly states suffer from severe exhastion and will end up in bed after 3 hours
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