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  1. I purchased the car from a Dealer that belongs to one of, if not the, largest Car Dealer Group in the country. Their sites sell everything from Ferrari, Lexus, Merc, Porsche etc... you get the picture. That particular site is no longer a Merc Dealer and is not the dealer that has been screwing things up. My local dealer (not the selling dealer), who has been attempting to repair the car, is a part of the same group. I don't know whether they are franchises etc... but the group pretty much has every dealership. During my last telephone conversation with Mercedes (following my first let
  2. Yes, it was new. However, the "depreciation" due to VAT happens instantly. The depreciation I am referring to is years 3 to 6 when the car dropped from £16k to £7k. The trade in value to me from a dealer is money in my hand. 3 years ago, it would have been 16, now it is 7. I have lost 9k of value/money in the bank. VAT is irrelevant as that particular "depreciation" happened upon purchasing the vehicle. Most cars have a significant drop in value when they come out of warranty. That is why many people change cars quickly after that happens. In my case, I couldn't get rid of it due
  3. 3 years ago, the car was worth about £16k. It is now worth £7k. That's £9k of depreciation. VAT does not apply to second hand goods unless there is a profit involved. Therefore, if I sold the Car 3 years ago, I would have got £16k. Now, I would only get £7k and VAT is irrelevant.
  4. They are more than happy to keep repairing the fault under warranty but I'm no longer happy to let them screwing it up. I have run out of patience with them. They have had 15 goes at repairing this fault and have failed 15 times now. At what point does it become a total failure and a "swapout"? p.s. thanks
  5. The agreement ended 3 years ago(ish). My problem is that my £32k prestige sports car developed a fault under warranty which can not be repaired and during the 3 years I have been patient, I have lost £9k in depreciation alone. Had the dealership asked for technical assistance, perhaps the fault would now be repaired but they didn't. I had thought, following the last repair, that the car was now fine and was happy to drive it into the ground as "cheap" motoring but... the fault has re-occurred. Surely a prestige car or any product costing £30000 should have a reasonable life spa
  6. Perhaps, I'm not too sure about that but in any case, the fault developed during the warrranty period and can not be repaired. As they have spent 3 years trying to rectify all free of charge i.e. accepting liability, the fault is clearly theirs. Looking at the history of this model on review/auto websites, it seems the model has many occurences of this fault. Therefore, it must have been there when the car was produced or many different people from different parts of the country and different driving styles have all done the same thing to their car. In terms of the SOGA, this pro
  7. Hi v_j_r, thanks for that. Are we saying that there is now a definition that any product, in this case a car, has a 6 year life span and after that you're stuffed? Surely a Prestige car should be expected to last 10 years or more and during that time be repairable. In my case, the car clearly can not be repaired and developed the fault during it's warranty period. The patience I have shown to both Mercedes and the Dealer should surely not count against me.
  8. I've no idea why anything was done to it other than "oil in the system". They've never given me any documentation about what was done etc... as it was all under warranty. My business is refrigeration and I know that many compressors have oil in them. The compressor which was replaced on the 14th go was where I would have started had I been in their shoes but I suspect they just put the laptop on and replaced the sensor like the diagnostics told them to rather than think about where the oil was coming from. I don't even know what an intercooler is or does. All I know is that 14 tim
  9. Hello everyone, The following is the story of my Car. I am now at the end of the road with Mercedes and need your help on how to proceed. I purchased a Mercedes C230K with several extras in March 2002 for £32,000 on HP from Mercedes-Benz Finance. In the first couple of years it developed an electronic fault with the engineer cutting out and then in as it bump started itself. This was happening on motorways etc... and was rather frightening. It took the local dealer 3 attempts to fix the fault allegedly a wiring fault. In December 2004 i.e. 4 months from the end of its warran
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