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  1. hi there - possibly not what you want to here, but fact of the matter is this: despite all of the blurb they put out, the Financial Ombudsman service is a waste of time. The banks are big business, and as we have already seen regulation does not apply to banks (competition rules anyone, oh sorry, forgot, it helps get the government out of the [email protected]) lloyds tsb are (at least from what i have seen) one of the most arrogant shambles of an outfit i have ever come across, although remember the important thing is to keep them happy. judges are perfectly happy for a bank to unjustly charge you £35 a pop without question, but you have to prove until can prove no more that you are at a loss because of the ridiculous pathetic state of the financial industry in this company. remember, they control your account, whats yours is there and all that. uk banking industry and its various regulatory bodies are nothing buy a joke. In short, i would cut your losses right now and forget about ever suing them.
  2. hi Blossom Firstly, I am not worried about which track the case will be on. I would guess that it will go beyond the realms of the 'small claims', however because I am looking at recovering damages, it is difficult to put a value on this so though it would be fairer to let the courts decide. i could try and guess at the financial cost (e.g. more expensive credit etc), however there is also the distress element, the (very serious) impact on my mental and physical health which would be looked at too. i do not want to lower myself to the level at which this countries financial companies appear to be at (which to me is nothing short of that of the common thief), and do not want to go for a sum which is unfair. this is why i hoped for a more fair and impartial judgement.
  3. hello all i am currently in the process of building a claim against hsbc for bank charges. I am going to try and get it pushed through, as the figure is significant and causes me ongoing hardship. However, with the 'credit crunch', the true cost of being forced to pay banking charges for all this time is finally setting in, and I am planning on leaving the amount open as I cannot calculate this. is this possible? and if so, should the total (that the judge sees fit) exceed the small claims process, will the case be automatically moved to litigation? or is it just stopped? any help most appreciated
  4. SF Thank you, and everyone here thank you for supporting me. 1. No Clear Job definition 2. Project aims / approach constantly changing 3. Unnecessary complications (key persons being available on limited basis) 4. More requirements / aims and approaches changing 5. 1 person to do work of ideally 3 (yes me) 6. Constant harrassment regarding issues which are not my responsibility, but foolishly i have tried t assist with for the benefit of the project thats a starter!
  5. Update on this - a of about 15 minutes ago, my remaining respect and loyaly for my employer is gone. how do i assess if they have been neglegent, and if i have a claim. i think now i have a career change to pay for
  6. hi Bookworm - thank you for the response. I did have all sorts of people saying that because the work situation has put you in this position you could take action for stress and unfair dismissal. i just dont feel i could. i mean despite the probems these are the people who i have worked with, and to be honest any compensation is not going to cover the true cost (ie having to move into a new field of work) so i see little point. will a stress related illness look bad on my record though? and if i do go that route who will do my work today?
  7. Hello I have some serious problems at work. I will not go into the full detail (it might take over the CAG!), but in summary my employer is causing undue stress on me. I have spoken to my doctor already, but am scared to be signed off or take any medication, so I asked if there were other avenues. He said counselling. However, it has now got to the point at which I am feeling very very ill with all of this, I really don't know which way to turn. I need to know what, if anything. I am thinking about resigning, but am worried about future prospects. I don't think I can do this type of work anymore, they have pushed me so far I hate everything related to the work. If I get out now, can they take any action that might cause me to have to pay back large sums of money, for example holidays etc? What about the notice period? It is not like I am going to walk out to be spiteful, they have caused this in my mind. Please help
  8. what is really strange, if a smaller company acted with the same disegard for thier customers are these jokers, they would have thier Credit License revoked. How come banks are treated differently, even going as far as the tax payer bailing them out? I am sorry, but this country is going down the (presumable, long closed coal) pit. I do not bank with Lloyds any more, but I used to many years ago. I seem to remember a similar incident, caused by the fact it took them 3 days o transfer money from one lloyds account to another lloyds account... in the same branch. now, that monkey must have been on some journey!
  9. i am currently in the process of going after bhf myself. on a side note, any lawyers, get in touch... i am after them for an unenforcable default (despite saying the amount is not in relation to charges, they cannot explain the amount at all!) and the damages to my financial reputation, as well as the personal stress and upset thier unlawful and quite frankly pathetic actions have caused. also, thier charges... a number of advisors have said they have removed charges, yet they keep coming back. assuming they have been honest, the last (rather difficult to understand) 5 day late pament has cost £400. £400 for sending 1 letter, damn i am in the wrong job! this post has to be worth about £50 straight off
  10. i am currently in a legal dispute with black horse. they appear to display the ignorance and arrogance of the parent company, lloyds tsb
  11. sorry meant to include, the letter he drafted for her was detailing hardship. unfortunately, he either has a letter for people to do it themselves, or in my friends case he did charge 10% of the amount for doing it, which i think she went for because of the court case thing, so i dont want to use him if i can help it (even his email said 'i can't do anything you can't do for yourself')... i guess you are paying for convenience though. mind, i did see some people charge up to 40% which i thought was mad
  12. hi Castleguy I have heard of people who have still continued to be successful despite the court case. one lady told me a lot about her case, she was using an online service (not this web site i dont think) and he advised her to fill out this form, then put together a letter saying the stay should be lifted. i remember something in her email about some courts still processing cases regardless. is this information wrong? she did ok, got about £3500 from hsbc
  13. surely, if it is a 'voluntary' service charge, if it is taken 'involuntarily' and you objec it should be put straight back?
  14. hsbc can be like that. my first claim was settled without a fight. i am currently in the process of claim 2, however they have resisted so far and i am having to go to the court route, and highlight the unfair financial hardship a stay will cause in my case. i thought this time, it might also be effected because i am investigating claiming for damages in addition to the charges. maybe because of the credit crunch, the true cost and effect is more apparent. as i have also suffered serious ill health from the stress of dealing with this (not to mention the numerous arguents at home and work), my gp wants to sign me off work with stress etc. all because of the mess the charges got me in. by the way, if there are any lawyers out there who can help, i'd love to hear from you. i hope that a final decision will be made, and i can force the court to judge on the charges... a victory for everyone
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