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  1. Yeah I always record phone calls, especially when signing up for something.
  2. I had a mobile phone contract with EE which was coming to an end (finished in August). I received a call from them last telling me I can upgrade and the offered me some deals so I though, why not and singed up to a new 24 month contract. since then it's been a nightmare. My phone arrived a week after it was promised and to make matters worse they didn't activate my sim, and are still to do so meaning I'm not uncontactable through my old number. Due to the poor service I've received since agreeing the deal I would like to cancel, I'm still within the 14 day cooling
  3. Thanks Sliverfox. What will the consequences be if I sent BT a notice that I will not pay my bill until they have resolved all the outstanding issues? I currently have £30 of incorrect charges on my bill and BT say they cannot void those until the issue with my landline has been sorted, which looks like it will take a while! I'm thinking if i withhold payment they might sort themselves out and fix the issues i have.
  4. I've only been with BT since the 26th June and they have literally made a mess of absolutely everything! First their system failed to process my original online order. This only came to light when my equipment didn't arrive and phone to inquire. As a result my order was delayed by 2 days. They re-processed my order incorrectly, completely different package than I had ordered. Not sure why but I received the equipment three times!! They changed my phone number (which I've had for 23 years) despite me asking them not to, they promised to reinstate it. This promised on th
  5. Interesting, because I have used my own router and the internet still cuts out after an hour or two. They have now agreed to sending an engineer out free of charge as a pose to the £50 they charge. Hopefully he can get it fixed. I wouldn't mind paying to upgrade to fiber optic but that would mean starting a new contract which I'm not prepared to do, they sooner I'm finished with Talktalk the better.
  6. I'm having the same issue with Talktalk, broadband keeps disconnecting itself every hour or so. After 2 weeks of complaining they said the had isolated they issue to a faulty router and sent me a new one, surprise surprise I still got the same issue!! Stupidly I still believe them, that it was the router, so last week i purchased a top of the range wireless router (D-Link DIR-850L) but as you can guess the internet still disconnects itself. I was recently with Sky and had no issues with internet what so ever! Anyway I called again today to again complain and query about cancelling the con
  7. Thanks mate, I paid using my debit card. I'll wright a formal complaint and see what happens. Its just that am so shocked at the way a company of EA's size has handled this, to try and deny i even own the game is disgraceful.
  8. Hi, I am wondering if someone could please advice me on what i can do. This is my story: A few weeks ago my 9 year old little kid collected his pocket money and asked me to purchase a game for him from the PlayStation store, which i did. I paid £15.99 and downloaded the game and all its content, Euro 2012. However the game would not work. Ever time the game was launched it crashes, and he was unable to play it. I googled the problem and quite a few people had the exact same which with this game, so i contacted EA support for help. The emailed me back with a list of suggestions
  9. Hi, I have received a response from CapQuest regarding my formal request for a true copy of the credit agreement. They have sent me a copy version. Should i write back requesting the original or is this legally acceptable? Thanks
  10. Thanks for the advise guys. Got a letter today which has really confused me. I made a payment of £50 to Halifax and will continue to do so every fortnight until the debt is fully paid off. However i received a letter today from Moorecroft acknowledging the payment but threating further court action if i continue to pay the Halifax and not them!!!!!!
  11. thanks for the replies and advice. The debt is with Halifax. I finished University last year and started paying of my overdraft but then lost my job and was unable to keep up the payments. I have now received a letter from Moorecroft threating court. I want to keep paying making monthly payments until i get myself sorted and increase this and clear the debt.
  12. Hi, I want to write to Halifax to make the an offer to pay back my student overdraft, which Moorecroft are now threating me with court actions for. Is there any example letter of how i should word my letter? Thanks
  13. Hi, Am after a bit of advice if possible please. I travelled from London to New York with Delta in December and my luggage was delayed for five days, were I had to go to JFK to pick it up myself!! When I returned I made a delayed baggage claim and was told it should be 6 weeks before I am compensated, this was on the 10th January. After 6 weeks or so I email them and was told that my claim had been processed and it should be settled in 30 working days. However I have yet to receive a penny!! Two emails I have sent to them since I have got exactly the same response of “wait 30 worki
  14. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could please offer me some advice. I had i finished University last year and had a student account with the Halifax which was £2400 overdrawn. I started paying it back but then lost my job so could not make the repayments. It has now gone up to £2981.74. I received a from Moorcroft of intended litigation before legal proceedings, i now have until the 13/04/11 (5 days) to make payment!!! Has anyone got any advice please.
  15. Yeah the agreement was only for a week. i signed an agreement saying if there are any damages then repair costs will be taken from my deposit but the letting agency has never claim there were any damages, every time i call up and speak to the manager he tells me my deposit will be paid back into my account but i never receive anything!
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