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  1. yes they do as i have just found out, they started me off 18months ago on a foundation account for my business, once there computer flags you, they will upgrade your account, but when they do this, all times scales are reset, all the good you have done with the lower account, building up your credit score, accounts for nothing, once you have the new account. its like you have never banked with them. well that is my experince of natwest so far. as they just refused me a small business loan, as i hadn't had the account long enough. yet been with them for 18months.
  2. signed and bumped. just need someone onside like John Prescott, when he did the No ifs or Buts pass on the Cuts on Facebook. 30000 signatures was the outcome i remember
  3. im not 100% sure on this but im sure it is illegal to force you to sign your signature. when stopped by traffic police and given a 7 day wonder, they can ask you to sign to say they have given you it. but you can refuse to sign it. they cant take no further action to force you to sign it. surely if the law cant force you to sign it, a Bank, Credit Card, DCA has no chance of forcing this issue. i might be wrong just something i picked up in my life. i have refused to sign a 7 day wonder nothing was done to me.
  4. i would think barclaycard have already marked your credit report with experian and equifax, unless the debt has been sold to calders they cant mark your credit report. cant have two defaults for the same debt. but they will try it. tell them to take you to court if the debt is yours. they wont barclaycard and cabot never have in almost 6yrs, i have asked many times to be taken to court over it.
  5. The Range aint passing it on, Manager said he don't have to as it isn't Law. i asked if i could have this in writing to which i got no reply. then a few others started on him and well he just walked off. saying well poundland ain't doing it. what has Poundland got to do with me asking for the vat to be corrected in his shop. i wasn't buying anything from them i was buying it from The Range. so who do we report them to. the taxman. the PM the house of lords. surely they have a body setup to do with this sort of thing. or is it another one that has to be dealt with by the OFT. i know its a much of a muchness, when you brake it down. but why should big companies get it when it is meant for everyone. the meek shall inherit the earth.
  6. they dont fall off. you have to request that they remove them. Experian tried to say they stay on there for 8yrs. what a pack of lies they make the rules up as they go along. im sure they really do think it is a case of my bat my ball my game you lose.
  7. i think you have to put it in writing. Email not being one of the forms of writing being excepted. yet you apply for it online why can't you cancel online.
  8. he sounds a bit expensive to me in the first place. normally we take a deposit of half the amount in the shop. this is no refundable. we used to only take £20 for every booking, but when you lose 4hours of work and only get £20 it does suck a bit. but we only do this if they cant give us 48hrs notice. giving over a months notice well i would gladly give all of the deposit back. im sure i would get another customer within 4 weeks for the date cancelled. makes you wonder how good he is, if he didn't get a request for work within that month for that weekend. i would see him in court for sure.
  9. im sure they will dip into it now after losing £2bn,even though it was Santander that lost it.
  10. it should do but it won't i disputed my charges last month they have added more this month. so just goes to show they really don't give a monkeys at all.
  11. thank you PGH will sit and draft a letter today, and get it in the post. i know they will have marked my credit file by now with these charges for sure. once again i get screwed by them. going to have to add something to the letter with regards to this.
  12. abbey have still not closed the account, they have charged me £25.25 taking a debt of £7.25 upto £98 now. i had been to the branch to clear the £7.25 but they wouldn't take it with out the charges. told them to go roll for it. said i want to clear the debt now. we can't do it as the computer wont allow it. this totally proves that no manual intervention can be preformed. i just phoned to speak with someone and they have also confirmed they can't override the system. i explained that these charges are meant to have a charge for manaul intervention in them. if you can't do anything to override the system you can't charge for the service you claim is in the charge. silence at the other end. sorry we can't do nothing the system is down.
  13. think i rewad on here that if it is a debt to the government local council being part of that i would think. it is 15yrs they can claim a debt upto. im in the same boat right now. the local council had a liability order granted. i know i paid it off to them. the order was for the council tax year 2003/04. just last week i had a letter saying i owed it. told them i think your wrong. can i have a copy of all my council tax payments from date of start in 2001 till the present days payment. so far i have had nothing. he seemed to pull it up on the screen quick enough. i know i paid it off as i had been to court over it. nothing has ever shown up on my CRA Report for it in all this time. why is that then. can't a council default you then. they are quick enough to sell your info to the CRA's
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