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  1. Yeah I took that into consideration, but realistically I can afford it so made a decision to try and sort it all out. If things ever changed or I honestly felt I would be struggling I would not bother and hand car back, but right things will be ok.
  2. Yeah and a copy of the email which I have sent twice now. They don't seem to be responding, which is unusual for them. I was just worried I would get a court order with in days thats all
  3. Yeah I just checked, thank you. It is £6261. How long will the court date take, as obviously I want to apply for some time to pay? We talking about days?
  4. Hi All, I posted a while back about some potential problems with Moneybarn, but managed to keep going without any issues. However I have had to change job to a much better paid job again recently, and due to this finally for the first time, fell into 2 months arrears a few days ago. I have messaged and sent by recorded delivery an offer to clear the arrears over a maximum of 6 months ( hopefully much quicker with this new job ) but have yet to hear from them. My 2 months arrears fell on 2nd December and I have still not received my default notice, which surprise
  5. Any Advice anyone?
  6. Good Morning All, I appreciate you are all busy people but I need to pick peoples brains over my finance agreement with Moneybarn. I have a Regulated Conditional Sale agreement with Moneybarn. The details of which are as follows I bought the car for £12,142.30. I paid £1152.30 as a deposit. Leaving he total to be financed as £10,990. Not a problem so far. I got into some financial trouble with an ex, however despite paying late every month, I always paid. They stuck a total of £275 for non payment by direct debit and notices sent to me, which I obviousl
  7. I am leaving on 6th JULY, but they are saying I owe that extra months rent as I didnt give notice, which I cleary did, albeit a few days late. dont want to pay it, but they will deduct it from my deposit if I dont. Looks like court action is the only recourse here. Very frustrating. I do appreciate the replies so far though.
  8. It was 6 months. Due to expire on 6th JULY. I gave my notice, albeit according to them 10 days late, but they sid it would be ok. They stated that notice has to be given on the rent due date. Second of all though, and more important. They are denying that I ever go notice, despite giving it to them in writing and in person.
  9. Hi all. First of all I am a first time poster, and secondly I am hoping you can help with a small problem I signed a short term tennancy agreement on 7th JANURAY 2008. Part of the agreement was that I gave 2 months notice. Now perhaps I was naive on this part, however on 20th MAY 2008 I gave them 2 months notice. I handed the letter over in person, she read it and said " The two months notice has to be given in on the day you pay the rent, but we'll see what we can do," First of all, I thought you just gave 2 months notice, paying part rent where applicable, but she was adamant that wa
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