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  1. I purchased a lawn mower on line earlier this year and on line you offered me an opportunity to get £15 off my next purchase. I didnt read it very well but that conned me out of £10 which I was very angry about but now I find I have been paying Completesave £10 a month ever since, now £40. For that reason I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER ITEM EVER FROM ARGOS as you miss lead me when I was buying something from you who until then Trusted.
  2. Thanks you all once again for putting my mind at rest. For good measure I have taken your earlier advice and written to the OFT advising them of my situation to date. I have also written to many news papers as I am also very dimayed that my two letters to the CEO of McDonalds did not even warrant the courtesy of a letter acknowledging my letters receipt. A company so large does not deserve its customers. Thanks again:-x
  3. Hi All I am taking your advice by ignoring the letters. The latest of which came today and is now £125. They are threatening me that the debt collectors may take me to court to recover the debt. How can they do that when by their own words that "the vehicle was allegedly involved in the following parking contravention" If MET took me to court and I was proved to have committed an offence I would pay up but how can I be taken to court to recover an alledged debt?
  4. Hi All Just got back from a few days holiday and found the following on the doormat. I find this a little intimmidating and I am worried that they may send debt collectors when I am not in debt as it is an unproven offence. Are they able to send debt collectors? ImageShack - Hosting :: img002axv7.jpg
  5. Thank you all for the valuable advice which I will take and let you know what if anything happens. Kind Regards
  6. This is a photo of the signage in the car park. Whilst it doesnt show how high or large. I took this standing beside it and I am 6ft, you can see I am still below the height of the sign and my camera is needing to point up. ImageShack - Hosting :: img2618db7.jpg
  7. If you cant see that then this is a link ImageShack - Hosting :: img001uy9.jpg
  8. Hi lamma I have loaded a scan of the letter but I am too new to be able to display it?
  9. Hi lamma No it just says Parking Charge Notice. I will try to scan it and post it here if I can work out how to! Thanks
  10. Hi, my first post and need some legal type wording to respond to the fourth letter from MET. In Feb I visited McDonalds Billingsgate London for a coffee and send a few email on my Blackberry. I was there around 20min. I left and went away but returned later that morning for a burger and coffee when I stayed around half an hour. Neither time did I leave the premisis and both times I purchased goods from McDonalds. Two weeks later my company (I drive a company car) received a £50 Parking fine as I had returned to the restaurant car park twice within a 90min period. I owned up as the dri
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