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  1. Hi, Not really relating to charges but I would appreciate any comments on my recent experience with FD. Quite a long story but I'll try and be brief... My wife and I have had a joint account with FD for a no of years. A couple of years ago, they persuaded me to move my credit card to them (in my name only). In that time, our account (and my cc) has always been run well within limits. Last May I was made redundant and due to the change in personal situation started to rely more heavily on the credit card but, with some careful juggling all our obligations (including making the cc
  2. Post moved to General Debt Issues..thanks.
  3. Hi all, me again.....and guess what....ANOTHER threatening letter from BCW.... Having replied (and cc'd OFT, Trading Standards and Trading Standards Scotland) stating that BCW have a legal obligation to provide a LEGIBLE credit agreement, evidence that the debt exists (in the form of statement of account etc) and proof that the debt (if it exists) is not statute barred, I today received a letter stating that per their previous letter re court action, they were now arranging to send a debt collection agent "as I had failed to contact them".......I currently have a two inch high pile of cor
  4. rory32, yes - I cc'd both Trading Standards and the OFT on my last letters - though I am yet to hear anything from either...
  5. ....and the saga continues.....having sent the letter as above confirming that my position remained unchanged and that any further action would be considered in breach of CPUTR 2008, I today received a further letter from our friends at BCW stating that "we confirm that the debt is NOT statute barred......" "further, our clients advise that the last payment to this account was made in July 2004" "We have previously provided a copy of the credit agreement but attach a further copy for your records".......this copy is AGAIN completely illegible - bar my signature and name / address details..
  6. Many thanks - sent registered with copies to the TS and TSS.
  7. No - I'm actually in England - the reference to TSS Scotland is simply as they are trading from and registered in scotland and I therefore am not sure if English or Scottish trading standards apply...
  8. Thanks - do you think this is sufficiently strong ? I write further to you letter of 30th October and your additional demand of 5th November (I note that despite the ten days specified in the former, there are in fact only six days between these two dates). You will recall – or may wish to review your records in order to bring yourselves up to speed – that, in my letter of 1st July, I requested that you comply with the OFT guidelines in dealing with this matter. At the same time, I brought to your attention the Limitation Act 1980 and also the OFT opinion regarding section 40
  9. Aaarghh - what is it with these people. Having now sent a letter along the lines rory32 put me in the direction of, I have now received (dated 5th November so its 'possible' they may have issued this before even dealing with the letter I sent), I receive : "Despite repeated requests for payment, your overdue debt, in the sum of £1834.45 with our clients Aktiv Capital remains outstanding. Accordingly, documents can now be prepared for the issue of a Claim against you in your Local Court. ONCE JUDGEMENT HAS BEEN GRANTED THE FOLLOWING CAN TAKE PLACE i) Your debt being increades t
  10. Having sent the statute barred letter 1st July, I today received a further letter from BCW stating that they noted my query and had put this on file but had now received further information from the alleged ceditor (I note this is now referred to as Aktiv Capital which is not a name previously mentioned) and that I must call them to further discuss. They also stated that my 'account' had been put on hold for ten days to allow time for me to call. They have NOT provided ay detail of the alleged debt once again and i do not intend to call them based on previous advice and similar posts.
  11. Just as a update to this, I wrote a statute barred letter and sent this recorded delivery yesterday (and also a copy by email). However, in yesterdays post I received a further letter from BCW (dated 26th June despite that their previous letter requested payment by 1st July) headed final notice and stating "Since you have failed to notify us of any legitimate reason for non payment we can only assume that you do not wish to settle this matter amicably".. and insisting that I call their 24 hour payment line immediately........I did not...
  12. OK, thanks all - I'll take that route and hope they finally leave me alone !
  13. Is it worth combining the two ? I don't believe a debt exists though IF it does it would almost certainly be older than six years....
  14. Many thanks .... I will write to them today with a version of the 'prove it' letter - IF they provide any further statemented evidence (which I feel unlikely) then I fully expect this to demonstrate that the balance was paid at the time or that the debt is in fact statute barred, in which case I shall further reply with a version of the Letter M confirming this.......
  15. Hi, (bit of a long post - sorry about that)... Around a year ago I received some correspondence from Thames Credit which purported that I owed them the sum of around £1800 which they had bought from GE Capital. Having no recollection of such a debt I ignored this letter only to receive subsequent (and increasingly more threatening) demands for payment. Some suggested that I could pay a reduced amount if paying immediately of that I could pay in instalments. I (probably a mistake) called them on receipt of the third or fourth letter and they advised that the debt was for a store
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