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  1. I recieved a Ccj today from an old barclaycard for £1400 but I cannot pay this all at once can I offer lower payments ?
  2. Well they paid the PPI refund into my account today .can I still claim the charges ?
  3. I received a letter regarding a successful PPI claim from barclaycard. It's for 197.67 PPI premiums and 612.61 interest which is inclusive of 8% interest after tax . Now this debt has been bought by a Dca and is for approx 2400 which includes lots of charges . Now barclaycard reckon they are sending me the money . But I am going to claim back or try to claim unfair charges on this account can I still do this . They did once give me some charges refund of approx 300 which they refunded back into my account I at no point wrote and accepted this they jus
  4. Yes bit am in a dilemma about whether to do the cca or counter claim I am presuming I cannot do both
  5. ok so what do you think ? will i submit a defence regarding no signed agreement ? or if i put no defence in can i then claim back off them charges ? i have already submitted claim form for the ppi from barclaycard themselves.
  6. Am I right in thinking its 33 days from the date on the claim form which was the 14th March?
  7. I have had no mail from them this week to say otherwise ? Maybe I should ring them. .?
  8. Hope not thought it was 33 days later? 16th April? Hope I am not wrong ?
  9. the date on the claim form is 14t/h march they have owned the debt since 16/08/2013 it is for 2514.05plus costs they sent a default notice but as far as i am aware there was no proof of the debt eg no signed credit agreement. this was opened on the internet in 2004 i think it says the claimant has complied so far with pre-action conduct practice direction.
  10. Yes that's right but I have to do this by Wednesday I think . Should have done it last week but had a really bad time and couldn't I will just email or fax it to the court .
  11. MDK have issued court proceedings against me over an old all edged barclaycard debt . This was bought by them from barclaycard at the beginning of this year . I have responded to defend this as I am almost certain that there is no signed credit agreement . However most of the debt is made up of charges the claim is for £2,500 . There is also PPI to claim back on the account too . I was wondering of I should just defend on the no signed bpcredit agreement? Or counterclaim.
  12. Got the money through on Tuesday ! Can I ask my tax credits will they be affected I told them I got the higher rate mobility a week after I won they said I would hear in six weeks and if not gave me a number to ring ? Anyone know what happens ?
  13. Well on Monday I phoned pip who put a stop on the claim as they said as I had been awarded at court the pip claim would no longer be eligible ?? Not heard from dwp yet
  14. Well today I had my appeal for dla and was awarded the higher rate ) now I still have not heard from the pip people will this ruling override it or not ?
  15. just rang dwp and they have not recieved any information from atos. i rang atos who said it was being taken care of and would be sent to them when all checks had been made ? dont think she had a clue really .
  16. So not unusual how many weeks should it take ? I have a feeling they are awaiting the appeal decision first which I think will be upheld as I have sent in no further evidence as I have none !
  17. Yes but when doing that its not added any interest from when I stopped paying PPI is this correct?
  18. Well I sent forms off on 24th April and to be honest was pleased to get an assesment of someone as I have applied for dla and been refused on many occasions I have an appeal in two weeks for that but that's another story . I applied again as I need a hip replacement and have been told I can have a one . They atos guy who gave the assesment was really ok and seemed to be sympathetic to me but lord knows what he put in the report . He just asked the questions on the forms like can you prepare a meal how far can you walk etc and the examination was about 30 seconds to be honest he could see I wa
  19. had an assesment for this new pip (new cliam) three weeks ago and had no decision from DWP yet how long should it take? i claimed on the 24th april
  20. myy ppi claim runs from 2002-2003 although i still have the account but do not use it . when i calculate the ppi after 2003 the interest stops? but i thought as its compound interest it would still mount up am i using the wrong spreadsheet?
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