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  1. Thank you Tingy for your reply Im sorry its a long time since i have viewed but took some time off from this as blowing my mind. I have advised i want the Default removed but LLoyds insist it is correct. The Account was never on my credit file, it was when i argued this fact against thier advise that i had a default that they placed it on all 3 of my CRF. I spke to a solicitor today who deals with the start dates and she was as miffed as me. Tingy i need to msg you with some infromation i hope thats ok.
  2. HIya I have a strange issue. LLoyds decided to short settle a loan after i advised id pay the full amount over a year in 4 payments if they held the interest. Sadly LLoyds declined ( i will post under lloyds with that part of the issue) Any way upon the discussion of the SS i asked specificaly have you defaulted me, the answer was no. Being that i had recieved my CRF 1 month earlier and the account has never shown up on my credit file i took the reply to be honest, however i recieved a letter saying we agree to accept £.... and your CRF will be updated accordingly. I immediat
  3. Can i ask is it up to the collection agency to contact the company that they are working for to settle a dispute? Or to continue to chase the debtor untill the debtor raises the dispute with the original creditor? A letter was sent to C.A.R and 3 at the end of October asking for a reply in writting niether did this, i eventually got 3 to take notice once threatend with variouse complaint procedures and i have to say once contact was established, 3 was brilliant and wanted the matter resolved as quick as us now reduced monies have been paid and teh account closed. However I am left
  4. Just subcribed... Good luck Yellow... some good points in this thread
  5. That sounds alot better, bill wise i have pre paid meters, so no runners on that part and I have no telephone. Right Ive hi jacked Owens thread a bit ( sorry Owen UK) so i will be off now , thank you for the reassurance.
  6. Thanks Mr Shed I don't think it was meant as a "have your cake and eat it scenario" with an Eviction at the drop of a hat, more like if the person who you interviewed turned out to be a wolf in sheep's clothing and an undesirable. After all the Police are hopeless with attendance and finding myself in a house where 3 or 4 lads drunk as skunks have just barged through my front door, would be a situation i would not have much control over, although these may be rare occasions they can still happen, so it is just being aware of your rights prior to any occasion.
  7. Its always the few that spoil it for the rest, but i would never let a person into my home with out consideration for all events. I am also in the position of thinking to rent a room with the same concerns.. The biggest being .... How do i remove them from my home if they don't want to go. The problem is the obvious lack of respect for a persons property that is increasing not only in rental but all around us. As well as inconsideration for a persons wishes on or within their own property.
  8. I would be calling my mortgage Company and letting them know the hearing is taking place that day. I would have thought with you already having a buyer there would be some consideration.? You must also cover your call with a recorded delivery advice ASAP and take a copy of that letter to court with you to show you have told them that day you will be in court. Hopefully some one here will help you write a letter. If not just put the facts and say if you are given extra time for the eviction to take place, and they go to your house, then they will be going against a courts d
  9. That sounds really sketchy to me, a charging order is placed in a persons name against their investment, through their original contract to pay back a debt that they took out under their name.?? How can they say you had to take the debt or force you to take it as part of the sale process? Did you sign anything , was this in writing, is it included in your mortgage paperwork? someone on here may know this situation first off, but to transfer a debt like that to another person seams odd to me???
  10. When you ring them next advise them at the start of the call that you are recording it, ( even if you are not) ask them for their name ( this will be fake or an ID number) and which department or building they work in. tell them this is so you can keep track of who you are discussing your case with. If they do mind then hang up and try again until you get someone who doesn't mind that will usually be the person who does their job well and has nothing to hide from. You may even get a full run down of the true status of your benefits.
  11. Just above signature box and 1st paragrapgh on second page. Oh sorry thought you mean't where are they reffered to in the pages. yes you should have a copy of T&C as mentioned in your agreement. Only the old T&C will suffice as new ones often dont have the paragrapghs as pointed out in the agreement
  12. I picked up a very cheap mp3 player that records 80 hours voice recording with built in mic. I would fix it to the wall inside my front door if i was in a poistion to be expecting baliffs or DCA's.
  13. It wouldn't surprise me if you drove to the office and waited, you would see your car being driven by one of their employees. Purchased at a very cheap rate for a minor maount to be paid into your HP account When he rings back you demand to know exactly where your car is and who is driving it, you are still in possession of the log book and legaly it is still your property. These cars are repoed when an employee fancies the model or has a buyer at hand with a nice bunch of £50's for the finders fee. Welcome has to many cowboys running their own show in the Local branches and th
  14. That sounds a bit drastic, did the grage tell you that?
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