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  1. Hi Nancy, I have just written a long reply to your helpful post but have lost it because of computer/internet problems. Haven't got time to re-compose the message now sorry, but yes they have charged 25% for "non-persual" of the debt. If I get time later today or tomorrow, i'll reply more fully. PCB
  2. Ok, dx100. I'll start my own thread in the next couple of days....
  3. Hi nancysmile, I have now sent a post in one of the Welcome Finance threads. I did mean to enclose the link to that thread here, but I forgot to and have now closed the window - sorry! I have chosen a thread where something has been happening in the last month or so and not 3 to 5 years ago! If you or anyone else searches for one of the threads which includes 'PPI claim' too you should be able to find it and it will have a post of today's date! It does include a question about PPI from WF too. Thanks x
  4. Hiya, I have an outstanding account with Welcome Finance, which I thought was 'dormant' because it was being dealt with by a debt management company and then first step finance. It was thought that the agreement was unenforceable, but that does not seem the case now due to a recent law that's been passed in Court. The amount owing is about £3200, but what they have sent is nor a Demand - it just seems an annual statement. I would also like to reclaim missold PPI on it. Is the first thing to do is to send for a DSAR on the Agreement, with a £10 cheque and see what the creditor come up w
  5. I tried searching for the thread "Welcome Finance", but when I clicked on that name it just came up with the FSF posts again... so not sure what to do. But just briefly, I can now afford to pay the debt to them outright, but not sure if I should let them stew a little bit and do some negotiating. Think I'll ring them and ask what is the minimum amount you'll accept if I pay it all in cash now? To be fair, they have frozen interest for about the last four years. Or is it best to write to Welcome (agree it is an ironic name!) and ask for the original agreement via a DSAR? It goes without sa
  6. Just to say thank you for your help diamondgirl and Desperate Daniella during the last couple of years or so, and I'd like to wish you both and nancysmile a wonderful Christmas. In fact, festive seasonal greetings to all on CAG! Hope some more on here become debt-free very soon too! PCB xxxxxx
  7. Hiya nancysmile, diamondgirl, desperate daniella and others, sorry it is such a very long time since I have posted on this thread, or indeed on CAG at all!! I think it might have been that I didn't click on the link of the latest FSF post I did receive, so didn't get future notifications! You'll be pleased to hear that I have now cleared all of my unsecured debts being managed by first step finance. I first went with them in April 2009, when I thought they were a decent debt reduction company back then. I think they promised that I'd be debt-free in 2 or 3 years, but it has taken about 4 a
  8. Hi Jowide and welcome to CAG I think you need to be careful with First Step, but I believe they would be better than remaining with Harrington Brooks or other 'traditional' debt management companies. As you probably know by now (especially as you have read at least some posts on this thread), the rationale of First Step (FSF) is to ask for agreements for all your creditors and if there is no clearly signed agreement or if there are technical discrepancies they can challenge and then point out to the creditor that the debt is "unenforceable". Whether or not this means the creditor canno
  9. Thank you for both of your posts. I'm still not "out of the woods" as I have a large mortgage, secured loan and still some unsecured debts, but my successful claim has certainly helped!!
  10. dx100, the amount came into my account by BACS from Loans.co.uk.limited so you could say that the broker coughed up!! I have had an acknowledgement from CAG about my donation, who actually thought it was 'generous'
  11. I hope this will not provide encouragement for other CAGgers claim missold PPI, for example, from GE ! Of course, I didn't intend to write a 'negative' and should have said "I hope this will provide encouragement..."!
  12. Yes, you can update the thread title to reflect my win now! You and dx100 (and some occasional advice from others) played a good part in assisting me in my successful claim - without the need for any claims management company!! I hope this will not provide encouragement for other CAGgers claim missold PPI, for example, from GE !
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