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  1. I already have 2Grumpy I still owe them £155 after the charges are deducted but I am flatout refusing to pay bank charges as part of a debt. Any amount to the reduce the debt I owe helps. Using the £25 a month direct debit plan I had with them before putting the account in dispute, it would take me 16 months to pay off the outstanding amount including the charges. Had I decided to continue to pay by direct debit, it would take me 7 months to pay the outstanding debt minus the charges. I don't want, or need to pay off more than how much I actually owe. I have spoken to them on the phone g
  2. I admit that there is still outstanding debt after the charges are taken out (390-245=£155 outstanding). I just do not want to pay more until I get Abbey's response, which I havn't got yet. I'm thinking of calling up/offering a £1 a month token payment for now. Should I send a letter to them?
  3. Hi all, I have refered to this forum before for advise on how to clear my outstanding debt with Abbey. I have looked through my statements and found out that some of the debt are the result of bank charges, so I sent them a letter out on the 8th October by Recorded Mail Next Day Delivery and cancelled my direct debit. A copy of the letter I sent out is below: I checked online at the post office and they got it on the 9th October and had a signature. I also sent this letter out to Abbey at the same time by Recorded Mail: Today, I got a letter dated the 15th October w
  4. So I fell for a porky? The guy said I needed to get the CMS number from Abbey, and once I got it and gave it to Equidebt then payments would be stopped. @PGH7447: Yeah, I am going to do that. I have it in writing from the letter I am going to cancel the DD I have with them until the bank charges claim is settled. I am going to do that since I've heard a DD can be taken at anytime and I'm going to make Equidebt wait.
  5. I've just been off the phone with Equidebt about an outstanding arrear, and the person I spoke to said I needed to give them a CMS number to stop payments. I'm putting the account in dispute due to bank charges that I would like to claim.
  6. I've read how some DCA's will try and extract your signature from any samples. I'm going to be sending out a letter to a DCA and would like to make sure that this does not happen to me. How do you prevent them from doing thise? Many Thanks,
  7. Right, I've decided that I will accept this deal. I've realized I will be able to get this money organised but it will take abit of shifting and fingers crossed everything is done on time. I would like to notify Abbey of this deal, so that I don't recieve any contact from other DCA's about this debt. I've drafted a letter which I want to send to Abbey as soon as possible. Can someone just check I've got everything covered? I don't have the actual bank account information for the Abbey account, but I certainly have the reference number that Equidebt has. Will this be enough for this letter
  8. Just been on the phone with Equidebt after having a spreadsheet and some questions ready for their advisor. I currently owe them £415.17, but told them about the bank charges which I believe make up of £119.1. The advisor said he would take the charges off but he didn't mention how much the balance would be afterwards *. He went off the phone for a few minutes and then said if I would pay up £295.96 within 2 weeks then it would all be wiped clean and Abbey would update my credit file. * : I calculated on my spreadsheet that I would actually be paying slightly more, since the balance after
  9. Hi all, sorry for the lack of an update but I've been busy with my bank account after having some fraud done on it. Can someone check that my amended SAR request is fine? Data Protection Act 1998 Subject Access Request Dear Sir/Madam Please supply me with all data that you hold on me. This includes in particular, but is not limited to, the following:- 1. The original signed, executed credit agreement/s and any terms an
  10. Don't worry I'm not offended I absolutely agree with you. They just like being in the 'loop'. Noisy eh? They've always known about the overdraft, even deciding to use it to reduce their outgoings and 'top me up' when needed. I just let things get out of control, and they would just go mad about me being in debt. I'm already having problems with them, mainly because of my girlfriend (it's just been over 9 months) who I got told would never be accepted. In general, we're just having problems with money and my mum's into insurance and goes phycho about actual amounts of money. Just another q
  11. Hi all, I've been lurking on CAG for a few months but now I'd like to get my head straight on an account I have with Equidebt. The story: I was in my first year of uni and had an Abbey account, when I decided to move since I was getting frustrated by their service. I decided to use HSBC, and I told HSBC that I had an account with Abbey and said I would like to cancel that one and transfer the balance over. HSBC did not cancel the Abbey account, and looking back it was bad as I was constantly going out and didn't realize it at the time. So, this means I have 2 student accounts which I
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