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  1. Finally ended up paying 1 charge of £35. Yorkshire then proceeded by giving me duff information in adverse data being recorded with CRA's which was factually incorrect. I have now had my files rectified and all my files are 0000000's, which ultimately is more imprtant than the £35, needless to say, Yorkshire Bank have lost my custom. Regards
  2. I have not had £9.99 taken off me and I am on the FREE trial. I like the way they have the website but I have Noddle FREE and pay £3.49 a month for full access to Equifax. I am glad I did though as I was made clearly aware that I had a financial associate that shouldn't be on my report, it wasn't clear on my Equifax report. I will therefore cancel before the end of the trial as all the information I need I can gain easily enough through the current channels. ALL 14 of my accounts are listed, 11 on both but noddle also lists elec/gas and an Insurance account. I last week had a Experian Statuatory report which lists identical accounts to Noddle. Obviously this will be different if you have different creditors. Regards
  3. Don't forgot though that BG report the conduct of your account to the CRA's and so are likely to have trashed your credit file and the likely hope of having a credit meter reinstalled in the near future. This may depend however on when you opened an account with them.
  4. Sorry for not replying sooner, I didn't realise you had replied. British Gas have your consent to use your information in the way they state as you agree to this when you are take on the supply from them! They are credit reference agencies and as such British Gas are providing you with Credit or the facility to have credit, whether or not you actually use it! A credit agreement is exactly that, if two parties agree to it and it's terms then I see no issue with BG reporting the status of your account as was agreed when you entered into the contract. An agreement to fund a utility meter, i.e. your electric meter, your gas meter, your water meter.... these are not regulated but are still credit agreements.
  5. Do you mean a Default or a default marker? If it registering an 8 or D in the month column then it doesn't matter, what matters is the actual date of default, is that correct???
  6. When did you start to go into arrears/miss payments? If the default is listed as April 2010 then 6 years after this, the account will be removed from the files of the CRA. Hopefully someone will come along and advise you regarding correct issuance of a default notice etc...
  7. I have done, they accepted they were wrong and said they would remove it within 5 days. They haven't but now saying he didn't say that and won't remove it! I am asking if someone knows the parameters or has a similar experience. I will look into the 8 principles in more detail later, thank you for your input on that.
  8. The right person??? I haven't moved house, I have a current liability for water charges in the year 12/13!
  9. So they would definitely fall foul of Principle 4 without fail as a search for a current liability does not list the amount etc so clearly cannot be upto date if you now owe nothing?
  10. They can check my credit worthiness WITHOUT putting a search in Table One!!! My Credit File has numerous accounts, all with green 0's and low balances, this search is misleading in my opinion as it implies I have a debt, which itself is another matter. I have been FORCED into any terms and conditions, I have never had a copy of anything in the post! It is very difficult to live in a house and not use water! So being £1 in arrears for 1 day means they can carry out havoc on your credit file?
  11. The supposed creditor is UNITED UTILITIES, the supposed debt is actually an ACTIVE water account, this years payments. Can they place Table One searches if you are £40 behind with your payments???
  12. Explain further the circumstances of the Cabot debt, Original Company, dates etc...
  13. Hi, I have today been in touch with Equifax regarding the exact meanings of their search descriptions. I specifically was interested in the one listed as DEBT COLLECTION, I asked them what this is which I was duly informed. However I enquired further as to the parameters that mean a search of this type can be carried out, to which after a heated discussion she hung up on me. Anyone??? Do you know what the parameters are that mean a company can perform such a search??? To me, these searches can be misleading and potentially have a disproportionate effect on your credit rating. Thanks in advance
  14. I wouldn't do that, accuse him of fraud. I mean his actions would be considered fraudulent if he informed me about the bounced cheque and I then arranged to pay him by other means but he still subsequently represents it! He said he hadn't represented it, it only physically came back to him yesterday. The bank notified him, may online banking, email or text that the cheque had been bounced.
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