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  1. Hi I have started getting letters from 1st Credit again saying that I am in arrears on my repayment plan and now I am getting letters from Connaught collections as well threatning me with court action again I am still awaiting a copy of the CCA that I had asked for on 30th June 2008. They have worded there latest letter that I have admitted liability??? yet I have not..
  2. Hi Now things are getting even more confusing. I have just recived another letter from Conaught telling me that due to a recent audit of files I maybe have been sending my payments to another agency (1st C) they now want me to make all payments to them and have enclosed a standing order for me to complete. And still I have no copy of any CCA from any of them.???
  3. Just to update you. I had a reply from Conn that they did not have the the information that I requested at there office and have nowsent a copy of my letter to 1st C who will then send me a copy of the CCA. I have been waiting for 1st C to do this since the 30th June . I have also filed my complaint to the OFT and will be also sending a copy to the Trading Standards office. I have also sent a letter to my local MP Gizzymoon
  4. I have the paperwork here from the OFT now and will file my complaint to them also to the trading standards office. To be honest I have had enough of these people now and want to fight back
  5. Thanks Babybear I have just copied the letter out now and will post it on to them recorded today. It seems to me that when these guys are on the run they pass the account over to other companies
  6. Hi It has now been 50 Days since my request for the CCA from first credit I have not rtecived anything from them This morning I have recived a letter from Connaught Collections telling me that they have been instructed by 1st Credit to recover the debt Letter states It is now our intention to issue a statutory Demand under the insolvency act 1986 (Bankruptcy) as we are unaware of any valid reason for non payment Plaese contact us to arrange a mutually covenient time and date for service. Should you fail to contact us within seven days then a statutory Demand will be issued without warning. What do I do now
  7. Hello Just want to know what I do next as its been over 12 days now and I have not heared anything back from 1st C they have not sent me any documents do I have to write to them and inform them of there default or do I just leave it now. Ta
  8. Hi Just recived a letter from them. We refer to your recent communication requesting a copy of the relevant agreement. The document you have requested is retained by our client. We will therefore advise them of your request and arrange for the document to be sent to you as soon as possible. Should your request also include the below documents please be advised of the following. Deed of assignment- we would refer you to section 136 of the Law of Property act 1925 which provides that the debtor is notified of the assignment of the debt in writing and not a copy of the deed itself. Copy statements- there is a charge of £10.00 for this information on reciept of the copy agreement we would expect you to contact this office immediately to arrange settlement of the debt Signed ??????? Administration department
  9. Hello I have this number calling four or five times a day 02031071130. If I call it back it just goes dead any idea who it is
  10. hello Just an update I have used the templates and sent three letters to 1st Credit one for credit aggrement one to report there line manager and one to request tht they do not call me on the phone again all letters are recorded delivery. I have also sent a letter to the OFT and complained about the treatment I have recived, At this point I am still making the payment to them. I have now had a few calls from a number 08701 642049 I dont answer and it leaves a message to tell me to call there office in a matter of urgency. Gizz
  11. Thanks for the above information its nice to have someone to talk to over this matter like I said at the beggining I have not run away from the fact that I have a debt its just the way these people are that has shaken me my wife is very ill at the moment and I dont wont this as well. I will do as you have advised and sen the letter to them I will keep you updated.
  12. Hi thanks for that what about the letter they have sent it says that I should pay the full amount now I have not got that kind of money to do this he did tell me to get a loan or borrow from someone the letter also asks me to send in the reciepts from my payments but I dont want to send them because I know these people will lose them
  13. Hi Yes I have been making regular repayments to them over this time I cant rember the debt being secured at the time I took it out that was Years ago I did own my own house back then but sold my house in 2000 and have been renting since then
  14. Around 8 Years ago I found myself unemployed and as a result had some loans and credit cards outstanding I am not going to give any bull**** here I owned the money and over the Years have been repaying everyone last Year I paid off three debts and left two these are with Wescott and 1st credit who I have an agrement with to pay off so much per Month. On Wednesday I recived a call from a line manager at 1st credit at first he was polite and I thought nothing of this as a few Months ago I had agreed to increase my fortnightly payments to them and thought that everything was OK this bloke said he was sitting in for the Guy who deals with my case and he has seen that I have a number of Defaults on my account and I said that I could not understand why because I have been paying them he said I was a few days late on some payments so thats a default. Then he started getting nasty telling me that the account was now due to paid in full and asked me if I could pay there and then I said no I have no money to do so so he said well can you borrow it. I said no I cant oh well I will have to make you bankrupt then . So I said well why I have made all the payments to you as you have asked. He got nasty again and said I am not going to wait 8 Years for you to pay this off I want it done now or we will make you Bankrupt and come around and take all your furniture from your house . So I said I have no assets and if you want to make me Bankrupt then go ahead. He then said I will give you 7 days to come up with some money to pay this off so I said I will give you £300 if you want and he said no I want £1000. So I am confused no why does he need £1000 2nd thing I have made all the payments to date and 3rd If I go to court and offer to pay £20 a Month I would be better off. What can I do.
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