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  1. Further email from the finance company: "What we have requested is copy that you should hold, of your contract with the retailer ASC. On the reverse of this purchase contract will be printed the terms and conditions including further warranty detail that is referred to in the guarantee that you have kindly forwarded this morning. The guarantee specifically refers to 'The benefits of this warranty are in addition to any warranty provided by the glass manufacturers guarantee detailed elsewhere' ... the reverse of your purchase contract should give some indication of this g
  2. my sympathies oldsnowborder Its disgraceful how BPF can bombard people with telephone calls - you become nervous in your own home - this is pure harrassment yet no-one seems to do anything about it. Reported them to the FSA but a waste of time.
  3. Thank you Brigadier Yes I have a copy of their 10 year guarantee
  4. I purchased a conservatory in 2006, signing a Credit Agreement for Finance. If you can look on my profile you should be able to see that I scanned it onto this website a couple of years ago. To cut a long story short the money borrowed was paid back in full - no interest charges applicable. Shortly afterwards the double glazing installer went bust. There have been two repairs to the conservatory (via Barclays Partner Finance) over the past couple of years. I have a 10 year guarantee but obviously this is not worth the paper it was written on. When I had the second repair the in
  5. Hope someone can help with this one. In 2009 I was made redundant but managed to change to an interest only mortgage just before the redundancy was announced. I decided not to look for another job and am a stay at home mum. My partner (who is on the joint mortgage) works full time in a relatively secure job. I did not inform the mortgage company of a change of circumstances as there was no problem paying the mortgage (only 10% of my partners take home salary). We have never missed any payments. We have now put our house up for sale and the mortgage has said subject to a credit check
  6. Just received a statement from child tax credits saying that I owe £1100 for the period ending April 2003. My partner moved in and I did not inform the child tax credit office. This is over 6 years old. Are they legally allowed to try and claim back monies over 6 years old? Unfortunately I am now unemployed and my partner is on a 4 day week so things are very tight. Any help appreciated.
  7. Barclays response to my letter: "I have thoroughly investigated the issues you have raised and I am sorry that you are dissatisfied with the administration of your account. As you are aware, a payment was applied to your account in error and the zero balance status was subsequently issued to you in writing. As this error has now been identified, the payment has been transferred to the correct account. Whilst we acknowledge that we have made an administration error, by your admission you were aware that this error had occurred and opted not to advise us that you had not made the
  8. Thanks Steven and Slick for help with credit agreement. I am going to donate to CAG after all this is over. Yes I am going to send the letter mid next week so am thinking I may get a response from Barclays the week after. Jumping on a stage am wondering whether if the response is negative and they threaten court action would it make sense for me to be one step ahead of them and file my own court action in the Small Claims Court? I was thinking it might save me money on legal fees and/or some type of collection fees imposed by any credit collection agency/solicitor employed by
  9. Thanks Slick - do I put this on say the photobucket website and paste in the link onto the forum?
  10. Checked through the credit agreement and everything seems ok. The only thing I can see is the Right to Cancel section which states I have "5 days starting with the day after you received this copy. " There is then a cancellation form actually on the credit agreement so they havent written to me separately giving cancellation information. Is this legal as I thought you had 14 days cooling off period?
  11. Thanks everyone for your help. I have today received a letter from Barclays Partner Finance: "I write with reference to the above numbered account. Unfortunately I was unable to contact you by telephone today. As discussed with our customer services department, a payment was applied to your account with cleared your balance, and this was confirmed in writing. However, it has since been identified that this payment belonged to another account, and has since been transferred. Therefore, your account is not settled. I understand that you have advised that a payment for
  12. Thanks Slick Feeling confident I can take them on just on the basis that they are a real nuisance with the telephone calls. I am going to report them to Trading Standards on Monday.
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