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  1. i am being chased by bristow and sutor for council tax debt. i am currently paying 2 AOEs from my wages. i have 2 others including this years outstanding. i have contacted the council who were totally unhelpful, the baliffs are the same. they will continue action asap. i have sent a letter to the bailiffs asking about their charges on top of the original debt which they have to reply to,within 14 days? i am on a low wage and cannot afford £120-£150 a month out of my wages so my wife and i can live in mediocre comfort. i am listening to the knock on the door as they say they can call evenings and weekends to seize my goods! i will not let them in,but i am worried my wife will if i am out at work. she will think its just another door to door salesman/woman. please any advice would be helpful i really am worried, but i am getting tired with the hassle of it all!!!!!!!!!
  2. have the same problem as you low income cant afford to pay arrears.it sounds like you signed a walking possession form and that allows different set of rules to gain entry. some one on here will tell you that it is a little more agressive than a usual knock on the door.
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