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  1. My case is regarding an old Council Tax bill from a previous address. I remember writing to the Council and offering them £10.00 per calendar month, they responded with a letter stating the amount was too small. I wrote back (sadly not by recorded mail - a lesson I've now learnt!) but never heard any more. During this time I was suffering with chronic health, and was awaiting surgery for a tumor to be removed (two years prior I had bowel cancer) so my mind wasn't on the ball as they say! Anyway, that is the background to this case, and I have received two letters from a bailiff's office. I wrote to them and enclosed an Expenditure form, and I offered them £10 pcm, which they replied to saying it was too little. They are asking me to pay £95pcm, which is a staggering amount (to me anyway as I'm on benefits) to pay. They have asked me to send a doctor's letter confirming my chronic health, which I have done. I now await their response to my GP's letter, and hopefully it'll be more favourable! Well I can hope! Two weeks ago I suffered heart problems and was taken to hospital, I am awaiting a scan to investigate further; as well as another scan to determine whether I have another tumor (I have a genetic condition which puts me at risk of further tumors and cancers). I would appreciate, and be greatful for any advice from people who may have encountered similar problems. seeker27
  2. I have a situation regarding UU/Moorcroft, and I wish to make a token payment with UU re: outstanding charges. I would like help regarding the wording of letters to both parties. I am also being harassed re: Gas at a previous address. Even though I didn't live there at the time, and my gas supply (by British Gas) is by the same company! I have spoken to both parties telling them this, and that THEY(British Gas) have my details and can solve the matter themselves! I have also informed them that I am being tested for cancer and my head is all over the place. Any help most greatlfully received. Cheers, seeker27
  3. A Debt Collecting Agency have written to me regarding a debt from 1994, and I would appreciate any help regarding the wording of a letter to the Debt Collecting Agency and also to OFT. Many thanks, seeker27
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