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  1. So they say that I've dropped the phone into some kind of liquid? That's madness because I didn't and it was working great until one day it just rang funny. Yes I do. System changes? Or was that always going to be part of their plan? I worked out the bit about the £210 being divisible by 12 months. However, to give me some baloney about "not being able to apply the credit" and then just handing me some phone credit so I can pay back in bulk is just not on. How about I turned round and said that I "can't pay the bill" and handing them a 5 year gap befor
  2. Ok scampjet Thanks for those positive words. I will see about getting that phone checked. Many thanks Sulligogs
  3. Hi and thanks for replying, I have the original phone and yes I don't understand why they said "little square" instead of actually stating what the fault was. I tried the phone with a friend's Nokia 6280 battery, which he says is working brilliantly, and yes I still got the same symptoms. That is, for the few minutes I tried it I test the video and camera and got the same problems. Where would I go about getting it independently checked? If you know of anyone then please I would be grateful. I think that if there was a battery fault in the first place then it has damaged
  4. Hi everyone, This is going to be a long post so please bear with me. I started this thread over on [EDIT] back in October of 2007, but I will continue with it also on here. I went on a contract with 3 in April of 2007. Everything was great for about a couple of months until one day I got a phonecall of a friend. Oddly enough, my ringtone was playing really fast - like it was on fast forward or something. I thought it was odd and after the phonecall I assumed it was a one off glitch. Anyway, over the next couple of days I found the following:- 1) Battery would no longer hold a fu
  5. If 3's broadband service is half as bad as their customer service I wouldn't want a broadband connection. Currently with VirginMedia and their broadband service is excellent.
  6. Office of Fair Trading haven't responded to any of my emails. Guess they're busy.
  7. I think these companies should be ashamed of themselves.
  8. I think libel is possible on a forum. Any form of expression could be interpreted that way.
  9. Banks should be ashamed of themselves.
  10. I just joined here and need to make some posts before I can post any URLs. Sorry you can ignore this thread!
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