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  1. I have a friend who had a 10k credit card debt and could not afford to keep up the payments so stopped paying. He endured all the fall out crap with phone calls letters threats etc and eventually he got a letter from the lender saying the lender could offer a discount for settlement. He called them and told them he could not afford the payments and that if they took him to court they would be no better off as he would still not be able to pay(he does not own a property) After long negotiations the lender accepted 2k as full and final settlement which he borrowed off a relative and is paying back on the drip. just a thought!
  2. There has been some fascinating information on [problem].com about the above named CMCs and many more and I am sure that the demise of some of the dodgier outfits has been at least partly if not wholly attributable to information on this site which has now disappeared for some reason. I know the site was hosted in North America and for this reason was still carrying posts about Cartel and their activities when Cartel was threatening legal action to websites and posters in the UK to suppress their release of information and this did indeed stop a lot of the truth about Cartel appearing on UK based websites including this one. [problem].com was not affected and continued to carry threads detailing many CMC failures/scams and I feel it is a real shame it has gone. I hope other [problem].com users see this and we can fnd a way to get together to continue the work which has been helping to sink such scams if not here then at least use this website as a rallying point to move on elsewhere. A
  3. Thanks I will have a good look at the info you have sent
  4. My daughter who is 19 and a student lives with me and mt 14 yr old son lives with my ex most of the time and spends about 6-7 days a month with me
  5. Hi Sequenci, Thanks for your comments. I had an MBNA card and was unable to keep up the payments and they obtained a CCJ and then a charge over a property owned jointly by me and my girlfriend. Optima legal are now chasing for repayment of the debt and threatening that they will apply for an order for sale on the property if I do not pay. I am out of work and relying upon my girlfriend but have no money to pay them- can they force the sale of a jointly ownned property to pay debts which are only the responsibility of one of the owners ie me?
  6. I have seen mentioned several times in other threads that lenders are now not able to obtain orders for sale on properties where they are pursuing an unsecured debts under 25k. Can anyone provide information as to if this actually true then how it came about,ie has there been a change in the law,is it just guidance and can anyone refer me to some supporting documentation. I have had a CCJ and charging order on my property and the solicitors for the lender are now threatening me with a charging order as I am out of work and can not pay them what they want. Please help
  7. I have a DN from Nationwide which states Date by which action is required :The payment is must reach your account within 14 days from the date of this default notice. Surely that is invalid as it does not allow any time for postage. Also it requires the full balance to be repaid not just the arrears does that also mean it is invalid?
  8. I thought that the time for posting was generally accepted as being 4 days as usually the DN is posted 2nd class but that the lender could argue for only 2 days as long as they could prove it was posted first class.Is that correct?
  9. Are you saying that where the date of the DN is a weekend it is assumed that the date of postage is the first business day after that and then there are 4 days for postage which would make the Friday of that week the day it was deemed received?
  10. I understand the case was heard in Manchester,can anyone help with any info about this?
  11. Thanks for the move I presume this is a more appropriate place for this problem
  12. This case was brought by a solicitor acting on a no win no fee basis and the contention was that the way the credit limit was described in the agreement contravened the 1974 CCA in that it was not specific about what the credit limit was or how it would be determined. The original action failed but it was appealed I believe,does anyone have any info?
  13. Thanks Caro will get onto it staright away and post here what happens
  14. Ok thanks so given the date can you determine whether they would have to produce a physical copy?
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