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  1. Well.. No response to my S.A.R from Barclays. And after bugging me for weeks and then calling me to ask why I haven't written to them as I said. He calls me when they've recieved my CCA asking if he can send it to my parents home, I said no as I am not living there, so will not get it. He says something about not being allowed to, so i asked why he was calling. Then, he says he will send it and will I be making full payment as soon as I get letter - I said no. He said, if I want to know about calculations to contact Barclays – changed their minds on that one. He starts hassling
  2. Hello guys, I am also having major problems with HFO. They have taken over my Barclays debt and are now requesting double the amount that I own Barclays. I told them that I was happy to pay off what I owed Barclays (even if they too have taken great liberties with additional fees, interest – I just want to end that whole sorry affair). However, I have asked HFO to explain how I ended up with double the debt I owed Barclays and they refuse to give me a satisfactory response but resort to threats to take me to court. Strangely enough, when I told a HFO guy to continue wi
  3. Edited to start my own thread....
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