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  1. Well the NHBC certificate surely replaces such a need? They would, however, rely on the electrical safety certificate that is issued by the qualified electrician. We do have the original but the issue I have is that the original work was shoddy and led to the said issue. My issue now is a) are they wrong in not issuing us with something to say that they have carried out remedial work and b) do I have a claim for negligence and how do I go about this?
  2. Are we not entitled to have something that verifies work has been carried out on our property? Surely if and when we sell the house we are obliged to inform the new purchaser of any work that's been undertaken on our behalf, along with appropriate certificates? I also assume by this you mean that there is a certificate but they would send it to the builders?
  3. So an update on this...…... I have obtained an independent electrical report that states the issues. The electrician from the original company came back and took out the transformers/junction boxes and re-wired the bathroom. He left here without providing us with any paperwork whatsoever. I've rung their offices and they are telling me that they don't have to and are not going to issue me with any paperwork whatsoever to show the work has been done. Surely this can't be right? In my head, I think they're trying to hide the issue so we have nothing to claim with? Can someone a
  4. Sorry just seen this bit...……...HAGER J501 16A 250V Does that mean anything to you?
  5. No the only thing we've changed are the LED spotlights as they've gone. This has happened consistently throughout the whole of the house, but the bathroom in particular. I was disgruntled by this at the time because I thought they lasted a good period of time. I just sucked it up, however, and didn't question anything could be amiss. No clue Andy, I could have the name wrong!
  6. Yes, there is a 2 year clause whereby they fix any build issues. Post this, it has to be referred to NHBC. I suppose that is my question, based on the fact they've played ball and are happy to rectify, do I just zip it? Or do I have a valid negligence claim out electrician said it was because the original work was not done to the correct standard. I'm sure I wouldn't have an issue getting a statement to this effect.
  7. Hi everyone I'm hoping for some advice as to whether we have a case to take somewhere or if we should just accept what's been offered to us. We have lived in a new build for over 2 years now so our 2yr window is closed. Mid December, our smoke alarm upstairs was going mental in the middle of the night so we got up, removed it and took out the battery, assuming it must be that. Fast forward a week and our upstairs lights kept tripping. We isolated it to the bathroom and kept those lights off until we could resolve the problem.
  8. I'm just looking at the CCA again and the only thing of note is that it isn't signed by one of their representatives.....it's left blank. Do you think this matters?
  9. Wow, Welsh, thank you so much for that. I do understand it (in principle) although some of the technical jargon is a little out of my league! In what format do I send it? Like a letter with the case number etc at the top? Thanks Lilly.....I have that here but I'm not contesting the validity of it
  10. They categorically have NOT provided us with a DN. I'm basing my facts on that the 'judge considered the papers in the case and upon the claimant advising the court that the defendant has been sent the copy of the executed credit agreement and default notice referred to in the defendants defence' I am assuming they will rely on the fact that Lloyds apparently don't keep copies of DN's but that's not my problem is it? We do have the Credit agreement (received just before xmas)..... p.s. Sorry about your costs
  11. Ok, the original defense was simply that without the adequate paperwork ie: the CCA and the DN, I could submit no defense. I assume the Judge then told them to send the relevant info because we received a copy of the CCA (but nothing from the court). We have since received the order as written at the beginning of the post. So in essence, we haven't yet defended anything and I am still I guess, saying that in light of not having received ALL the relevant paperwork, then there is no case to defend? I believe the CCA is legal and enforcable so I'm not arguing that aspect. Do you
  12. Thank you for your response, I thought I was invisible Do you know if there is a standard way in which I can defend this? Is there a letter or form? The court didn't send anything to complete. I need to get this to them by the close of play tomorrow if I'm going to do so.
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