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  1. I have some good news for customers who took out an MBNA loanwith PPI, sold over the phone; the company have admitted they failed to informme that they would charge interest on the PPI. MBNA have admitted that they did not inform me of the large amount ofinterest they would charge on the PPI. Iwrote to them last year and on Dec 9th 2011, they upheld myclaim. I had paid £874.34 interest on the PPI (whichwas over 23%) and then charged 8.9% per year accrued and compounded. The total I am claiming back is over £5,000. Contact details are Mrs J Brownrigg, CustomerServices - MBNA Europe Bank Limited, PO Box 30, ChesterBusiness Park,Chester, CH4 9WW. If you have any problems I would be happy toupload the written confirmation from MBNA.
  2. Does anyone have the name, email address and postal address of the Chief Ex of MBNA?
  3. Can I join the MBNA thread. Went to court against them on Wednesday and they lied in court!! Now asking the court to look into case. Had a loan with them that had PPI (sold over phone, did not mention the interest on PPI) checked the details and they charged me £874.34 interest (which was 23.26 % on PPI charge) and then 8.9% per year for the PPI compounded and accrued. Made a claim and they agreed to pay back all the interest the total pay back is over £5,200. Now they are trying to get out of it as they realise that it could cost them dearly if everyone who took loan made a claim!! Check your loan forms now.
  4. RR


    I would suggest you write to: Mrs Gail Powell, Vice President - MBNA Europe Bank Limited, PO Box 30, Chester Business Park, Chester CH4 9WW, with details of your complaint - send it by recorded delivery and Fax to 01244 672190. Send details of the cheque (copy if you have one) and also your bank statement showing when the funds went out. Ask for a copy of all your statement from when you took out the account and say let them know you are will to report the matter to the FOS, copy your letter and documents to Sir Christopher Kelly, Financial Ombudsman Service, South Quay Plaza, 183 Marsh Wall, London E14 9SR explaining what has happened hopefully you will get a response and they will back down. I would be happy to send you a report from the FOS telling MBNA they must not chase people who are trying to make payments. I have won in court against MBNA and all the cases I took to the FOS. MBNA even committed a fraud against me by changing the figures on my accounts to make their defence with the FOS better. At the moment I am waiting for their report and then will take legal action. MBNA will be very nasty, but just persevere. Let me know if you need help - did you ahve their PPI insurance?
  5. List all the call you have received and the letters they ahve sent you.
  6. Make sure you check all the legal documetns MBNA have sent to you, they took me to court and backed out just before the case. I did have their PPI insurance, which clearly stated in the terms and condition the outstanding balance would be clearly, the insruance company confirm it was clearly but MBNA tried to get more than what was outstanding. I took them to the FOS and they knowingly changed all my accounts figures around (Fraud). I also have a letter from the FOS stating MBNA are to help customers and let them make payments they can afford, MBNA are very nasty and will try anything to win. Check everything they have sent you. Make sure you ahve letters sent to them making an offer of payment even if it is £2 per month on each account, ask them to stop interest. Make sure you just keep sending these letters, MBNA will not reply.
  7. RR

    Mbna Group Question

    Hi Can someone explain an S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) to me. I am having great problems with MBNA. Firstly I am disabled and have been told I will not work again, before that I had a very successful business. I have given MBNA all the medical documents etc. I was forced to take out their PPP which is worthless. They turned down my PPP claim to start with but eventually paid up. I then started getting charges on my account for late payments. They were making the PPP payments, days after they should have, I compalined and got nowhere. I complained to the FSO and won a minor victory. The insurance company than sent me a letter stating they has paid of the complete balances at the time of the claim. But I was still left with large account balances. After 27 months one card went down by only £900, that card has now increased by over £4,000 in charges in 10 months. Being Disabled I only receive Higher Rate Disability Living Allowance, after my car is taken out I receive £260 per month, which most of that goes in petrol. I have a carer who looks after me (my wife). I made a complaint to MBNA regarding why my cards balances hardly moved, todate (10 months later) I have not received a response. I have taken the matter to the FSO for mis-selling the PPP, I did receive a letter from them and quote "the insurance benefit level of 3% meets and exceeds our requirement" I pointed out that I was paying for this insurance and it should be the customers requirements not their. To date I have not had any responses. I offer to make a payment of £2 (3 times, by fax and Recorded Delivery) until the matter was settled by the FSO and at the time asked them to take me to court, I never received a response. I have now received a default order and court papers. I have told them I am going to fight. They are greddy bullies, my account has been paid off twice now but they have managed in the last 10 months double the balance on one account from £5,000 to over £10,000 and on the other account by another 5-6 k. They ahve tried to get the matter at a court miles away from where I live, knowing I have a wheelchair and have to sleep in the afternoon? They are now trying to put a charge on our house - which is owned by my wife. They sent me a letter recently saying I should remortgage or get family and friend to pay the amounts off. Any help would be great. Anyone knowing of a class action against them on being forced to take out their PPP? Robert
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