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  1. How can you take this so lightly, the BIG 6 as you call them are being investigated for different matters. One way to strengthen for your future growth would be to communicate clearly and fairly and maybe answer questions that are asked from the outset.
  2. Lets hope something is done about this riddle of companies and practices. I can't understand why one business would want to trample all over the small business with outrageous contracts and rates.
  3. I notice today that Ofgem are investigating BES. I am unable to copy and paste the link to my post as I haven't posted 10 or greater. But for all of you who are interested visit the Ofgem home page and search under investigations. I contacted the BES legal team earlier in the week and you can see on posts from BES that they tried to direct me to their forum. I have repeatedly asked for information that is relevant to our case, alas its very slow process!!
  4. Thank you, its a shame it has taken so long and a forum before anyone actually wants to listen.
  5. Thanks for responding to my post I will have a look at your forum later on. Gosh you must have had lots of businesses in court on the 5th of September if you are unable to locate our details. I have today looked at our paperwork at there are some time inaccuracies in my above post . "On our next bill they billed us for 13 days on direct debit at the lower rate and 17 days at the higher rate but they said we had used far more electricity in the off direct debit days, I queried this as I know they couldn't get a reading from our smart meter and I was told its i
  6. Mr Pilley I think that you offer support to your friends is commendable and I say that with all sincerity, what I find difficult to stomach is for over 15 months I have been trying to obtain the contact details of the broker who's agent touted our business and your representatives have denied me this information. It has taken me hours of trawling the internet to discover that they do indeed know the broker. You can argue that my personal conversation with Darren Mccandless is hearsay but the vagueness of the email received from Damien Traynor is indee
  7. dx100uk I have an email from a Damien Traynor and he states "I have no contact details for brokers which I imagine Commercial Energy is and if your requesting recordings you will need to do this with the customer service team at BES. I’m pretty certain the only recordings they will hold is the contract recordings, there is no legislation that brokers or suppliers need to keep point of sale recordings to my knowledge. ( I have the original email from Mr Traynor to back this up) sorry if I am breaching any rules on here. Damien Traynor also stated he didn't work for BES as d
  8. BES Customers Gas and Electricity I will try and be as brief as possible with my long winded case. In March of 2013 we purchased a cafe and on takeover decided to stay with the then suppliers "Utility Warehouse". Within 5 days of taking over I took a call from someone who said they were reviewing our gas and electricity prices, I asked if he was from utility warehouse and he replied yes I thought no more of it and duly answered all his questions and stupidly gave all our details ( he knew the previous owners details ). After a run down of costs and not being awa
  9. Hi to all I do hope someone wil be aable to help me over the next day or 2, having major issues with MM a log book loan company, will post details when i have received a reply from the webmaster as my first mesages were removed, I had obviously said something i shouldn't. In the mean time i shall see if i can find something relevant on previous threads.
  10. The company must re issue you with a new cheque as it is not your problem it has been stolen and cashed. They must then contact their bank and ak them to investigate as to who has cashed it.
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