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  1. Successive attempts to sue their customers failed so this is now what the "entertainment" industry is doing. Do they not realise that the free downloads are the ONLY way some people will ever see/hear their products? Many will not buy until they have seen/heard. To be quite honest after seeing some films and hearing some albums you would have been extremely disappointed if you had paid good money for them. Even when you buy CDs/DVDs the assumption is that you will copy them anyway, hence they do not offer a "no quibble money back guarantee". Its as if they know 99% o
  2. ebay are still merrily allowing sellers of FAKE flash memory devices to get away with it! see sosfakeflash dot wordpress dot com for details Remember, if you see a big memory stick, say 256GB, and it seems too good to be true at the price, IT PROBABLY IS! The problem is ebay and paypal do not help in such cases because they make so much money from this type of trade. Flash memory devices can include MP3 players and similar devices. Remember also it is against the law in the UK to post these items back to the seller as they are counterfeit! So a full refund is what y
  3. Civil Legal Aid in Scotland is a joke and has been for several years. Try getting it for a welfare benefits case, its impossible.
  4. Good luck with your complaint to the OFT I will be checking out that company as soon as companies house opens at 7am REGISTERED IN ENGLAND No. 3504039 OP
  5. As an update to this they are now posting ordinary postcards printed one side with You are a prime customer Call us today on 0207 793 2681 REGISTERED OFFICE: LINK FINANCIAL, 89 ALBERT EMBANKMENT, LONDON SE1 7TP REGISTERED IN ENGLAND No. 3504039 On the obverse is a sticky label with your name and address and an account ref no [REF ~ 12345] The address was typed without a postcode! It sound like a cheap effort to entice poor souls into thinking its some kind of beneficial offer etc. OP
  6. Other telephone numbers noted to belong to Link Financial 02077932679 02077932650 op
  7. ps If they lose their CCL then effectively that closes them down :lol::lol:
  8. So, report them to the OFT and help lose them their Consumer Credit License and possibly jail these nasty little people. OFTs email is enquiries@oft.gsi.gov.uk or Fax them on 020 7211 8877. Please mark your enquiries for the attention of the Credit Licensing Enquiries Team. OP.
  9. You make it sound as if this happened more than once. Can you repeat here what you remember of the words he spoke to you? op ps Caerphilly office Link Financial Limited PO Box 107 Caerphilly CF83 9AD Telephone: 0870 607 1363 Fax: 0292 085 3555
  10. Hi all new here, so glad I found your forums! Link seem to have been active again in recent weeks, targeting anybody they think owes money to any one of the firms they act for, eg Halifax bank of Scotland, MBNA etc. If you opted to hide your details on electoral roll they will not be able to access it via that means (eg 192.com) so they resort to phoning neighbours were they think you might be (although I dont know how they find records, seems illegal to me) maybe they ask neighbours at previous addresses? Anyway, assuming they read here as well, one of them masquerading a
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