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  1. hi, i sent you a PM, hope you dont mind... thanks
  2. an update My Bank have been adding charged and deleting them , making a total mess of the account. then this morning i noticed they have cleared £1k in my main main bank account. I was under the impression they were turning my writing of cheques and subsequent overdrawn account into a loan / overdraft for 2 months, it seems by accident they have made 1k available. its just TOO bloody tempting to not touch it, or take it out.... any suggestions ? thanks guys
  3. my dear friends i can only say thanks from the bottom of my heart for your wisdom,support and non-judgemental way in dealing with me. I was so nervous and worried sick the other day. and you guys have literally been there for me, like a beacon of shinning light, when i saw darkness! ( im off the valium thanks!) it was only short term. i have opened another account like suggested and until i can pay the money back, will use that one.... i didnt just ask questions here, i have been reading up on the forum and learning,// i want to again, say a massive thanks...to those who so kindly gave me there time!! hugz to you!!
  4. ps. im concerned that im writing too much, if anyone has any links to other posts please let me know i have been searching etc.... regards
  5. thanks all and you too 300, i cannot make out that a bank can let someone write a cheque for a few grand, to THEMSELVES , pay it in , they clear it and the skint customer can then have access to those funds... mad banking system.. silly question but its this normal practice? and how does tha t happen... thanks again,
  6. thanks but i thought i read somewhere that if i write myself a cheque its agaisnt the law and possabel fraud if i dont have the money there.. sorry this may sound silly, but ..well you know the nerves are doing me
  7. Hi sorry to sound like im pleading, however, i have a dilema and am so so worried, i havnt slept a good night in 2 days. ..... I have a bank account with a cheque book, and was waiting for some student money to be paid in, also some other money too. I ended up writing three cheques to myself, and cashing them in my other account, ( with the same bank ) the bank cleared the cheques and i have spent the money ( well of course not all of it ) and still waiting for my money to be paid in. basically im 3k overdrawn. i called there centre and the lady was hard and cold, but she has agreed to turn the money into an overdraft for 2 months. im really at a loose end here as im not sure what i have actually done. and why does the bank allow the funds to clear, when i had no funds in the account? and this seems a ridiculous loop hole for the banks... anyway guys, im basically so bloody nervos as although the lady at the call centre said she is turning the money into an overdraft, im worried i will get in further trouble. im on valium and all sorrts of things now.... im sure i had better stop wrting, anyway, if anyone has any experience id be grateful thanks
  8. thanks all, i will reply to them tonight and sort this out, many thanks !!
  9. I have a small loan with provident ( £600), i have recently lost my job, and simply and regrettably cannot keep up the payments..and not sure when i will get a new job , does anyone know what i can do to stop the woman literally harrasing me all the time? many thanks
  10. i have had various letters from Red Debt Collections - they are both annoying and constant. Im sure some of these letters are from over 6 years ago, i get the impression these guys have bought a debt. However, i want to take them seriously - they sent me a statutory demand for a debti think is 6 yrs old, i would like to know if anyone has experience in this area is the following = How do i go about asking Red Debt collections how old the debt is, and if the debt has already had a CCJ? also what steps do i need to take, or letter i need to send out? regards J
  11. hi hope you dont mind me asking what is a " deed of assignment".... ( i have and am getting so many letters from Red Debt Collection agency i need to know what and how to progress and if this deed of assignment is relevant to me ) warm regards
  12. hi all thanks for the posts,i get so much from here.. I have receved a Statutory Demand from Red Debt Collection this morning. just a question, how do i know this debt isnt one that i had had a ccj on already? and can i ask red debt collection to send me the original letters and credit agreement, as i cannot remember this debt...i also have 5 letters coming the door from red debt...i hope you dont mind, but what do i need to do in the first instance...as im rather nervous, scared, and bloody petrified if im honest...... rgds
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