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  1. Just received an email notification alerting me this thread had a new reply. Mine were soft searches which don't have any effect on your CRF. In my case the search dropped of one year later and no others appear to have been put back on. Mine only showed up on Call-credit, both Equifax and Experian have been devoid of any of these soft searches. Since I posted this last year, I never enter my 'real' details on any comparison site when checking quotes. Once I find something suitable, I call the insurance company direct and 99% of the time they match or better the quote. Since then, nothing has show up on my files. Swinton carried on calling me every few weeks, but since the late 90s I've had a premium rate personal number that I use for all such matters, which I no longer use. So I have redirected that to a dead line. I'm now left in peace and Swinton rings a dead line every two weeks.
  2. To see if there was a procedure to stop the tribunal. If I was sure my LL was pushing, then it would make sense. However, if you're right then there is the answer. But I wont know that until I've been sent some paperwork from the RAC. I was looking at what I may be able to do in the meantime. Better to be active then sitting around and waiting. Had I done nothing and it was not my LL, then they would surely be upset if I did nothing to attempt to stop it, and relations would go downhill very rapidly. Oh well, time will tell. At least I'm a bit forewarned of possible events and outcomes, and that after all is all you can seek in the way of advice when the shop is closed (so to speak). I have to thank all of you for replying (on both forums), Im sure there are better things to do on a Sunday, but I do appreciate the advice and help. Many thanks
  3. If they are, there is going to be some issues. I have a new rent notification and letter of agreement . The letter I have from the RAC states they are proceeding with my application on my authority ???? Not just me. I was the only one who approached the RAC, but several tenants took part in the negotiation to remove the service charge. We all have the same agreements in place dated May 2013. The rent ( which I never disputed) was also changed after April. If they wished to continue with any RAC tribunal they have to keep the rent at the pre April rate. Another paragraph in the letter indicates they have no information from my LL ?
  4. The information in the RAC tribunal T541 Guidance notes states both parties have to halt proceedings. http://jac.judiciary.gov.uk/static/documents/RPTS_Guidance_Booklet_2_-_FINAL.PDF page 10 Can a tenant withdraw their reference or application The Act does not provide for this as such. However, the Committee is not required to continue with a determination if both parties give notice in writing that they no longer require a determination or if the tenancy has come to an end. Mine states Assured 'non-shorthold' tenancy as do all my neighbours ( Housing Association Tenancy)
  5. In Feb I made an enquiry to the Rent Assessment Committee to establish if a case could be brought against my social landlord for a service charge (the amount of rent was never an issue). I was advised to complete an RPT5 form and an advisor would let me know if it could be looked at without affecting the rent. I was assured no tribunal would go ahead if I submitted an RPT5, it would only be looked at. In March, I received a letter from the RAC initiating the start process of the tribunal. I wrote back explaining I did not wish any tribunal to go ahead, to which they replied in saying no further steps would be taken unless they heard back from me. In the meantime, I negotiated with my landlord and reached an amicable solution. Two months on, the RAC have sent me a letter saying a tribunal is booked for June and they wish to visit my home. Looking through the RAC tribunal T541 Guidance notes, it appears I'm unable to withdraw my application unless both myself and my landlord agree. My landlord is difficult to talk to and refuse's to return my calls on the subject. I always thought the appellant (in my case the claimed appellant) could halt a tribunal. Any advice on how to tackle this ?
  6. It might be worth you reading this : http://www.checkmyfile.com/articles/551/credit-reports/credit-search-footprints-left-by-comparison-sites.htm
  7. Swinton group limited made an inquiry against my credit report when I have not even requested a quote from them, and certainly don't owe them any money. I have always paid for any insurance in one annual payment by cheque and more recently credit card, I never pay monthly or set up credit to do so. So why Swinton have felt the need to snoop into my personal finances when I have not even contacted them via any service beggars belief. I've had major problems with Swinton and their their persistent harassment ever since I had a policy with them several years ago. For over five years they incessantly ring me every anniversary of my home and car insurance despite requests to stop. Now I find they are searching my credit report.
  8. You need to double check. My 14 year old son was given such an order for a playground push (yes, you heard that correctly). He was given a level 1 Restorative Order and the officers told us it would not go on his CRB check as he wants to join the Armed Forces. The Police called at 11:30pm in the evening and threatened to arrest him, take his DNA and chuck him in a cell OR he could take the restorative order. The school tried in vein to stop the process earlier that day saying it was nothing. However, the other parent has a right to request such action. My son as now stopped attending outdoor activity's such as scouts, army cadets. He believes honesty doesn't pay (he admitted to the crime of the century and signed a statement to the school) and his respect for the Police is zero. A quiet lad with a bright future and career in front of him who as never even stole a sweet with an unblemished school record as now gone down from A grades to F's. We have two relatives in the Met and he wont even look at them or talk to them anymore. We've since found out that ALL restoritive orders will show on a CRB check. Sussex Police appear to be the only force that mentions this on their website : http://www.sussex.police.uk/advice-and-support/community-resolution/community-resolution-faqs/ Will community resolutions be disclosable? (aka Restorative Order) Community resolutions are disclosable when an enhanced CRB check takes place and previous community resolutions must be included as part of the defendant's offending history when seeking charging decisions from the Crown Prosecution Service. Additionally, community resolutions can form part of Bad Character evidence
  9. Can those with HBOS online banking check they have a link in the top right hand corner ' Change Details' when logged in ( see screen shot attached ). I've recently complained to HBOS regarding incorrect address details linked to my account. I then noticed on the account page that the link in the top right hand corner ' Change Details ' is missing. Without this function I cannot apply for any other accounts, check my personal details are correct and print statements with my details on ( the statement is produced with no address or name ). HBOS responded to my complaint saying the removal of the 'Change Details' and the ability to check all my personal information has been removed as part of a new web design. ( hmmm it was this function that brought to my attention that my account was compromised ). Has this funtion been removed when you log in ?
  10. Update. The information Commissioner and FO are not interested at this early stage. They feel not enough time has not been given to HBOS to rectify the situation. In the meantime HBOS will not even reply to any correspondence I send them asking if my bank details are secure. So HBOS are given a 'time limit', yet in the meantime my account details could be compromised.
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