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  1. Sending letter N to CSL today, will let you all know their reply when I get it....
  2. Cheers martin, will start writing things up over the next couple of days and see where it go's. Later...
  3. off to bed now, been on pc for 2 days straight, knackered Ha Ha ...tell me about it !!!......Martin:oops:
  4. I wasn't notified it had been sold on at all but never mind. Do I now send all correspondence to Credit security now then and not deal with Lloyds or does the debt still belong to them. Also where do I post my thread on this, LloydsTSB or Debt colection. Sorry I'm a bit naive on this :-?. cheers.
  5. Thanks Martin, Handy info, I'll get right on it. I would have thought LloydsTSB would have used thier own collections dept. I had no idea who these were. Cheers again, Phill
  6. Hi, just subbing, I too am trying to get council to take account back from equita. I offered to pay the council and they refused, they said I had to deal with equita. I asked them to reconsider and they said it was not their decision, it was the recovery dept. I asked to speak to recovery but they said I could not, it is a closed office, I can't call or walk in. So now I have to figure out how to speak to someone. I'll be setting up my own thread soon. Good luck.
  7. I have the same problem with north tyneside council, the just won't talk to me. I'll be watching your thread with interest, Good luck mate.
  8. Thanks for the fast reply Rooster, I'll get my stuff together and start posting. I'll read some of the posts first so I don't go over old ground. Looking forward to more good advice and pointers. Cheers Phill.
  9. Thanks for the welcome Paul, I felt I started making progress the the moment I started typing, feel a lot calmer now:) Cheers, Phill
  10. Hi All, This may be long, I've got a lot to get through so bare with me. I've reached that point where enough is enough! Like in the movie "falling down" everyone has thier breaking point. I have an account with LloydsTSB which they upgraded to a select account in 2003, giving me a £400 overdraft. They then gave me a £2000 credit card, all this at a time when I did not have a regular income (just started my own business after being made redundant for the Fifth time!). I managed things ok for a while but then started incurring charges:(. This is where people say I should have managed my finances better but the first charges were for missed standing orders, I have checked my statements and I had no standing orders coming out. These charges led to the spiriling overdraft which is incurring interest and now stands at over £1000. My credit card is also now defaulted and I think sold on to a company called "Credit Security Limited". I have no info on this company and have no idea if they are legit, there website has no info, just a link to make payments. In 2004 before things got bad with my accounts they gave me a loan of £2000. I had moved house at the time due to personal reasons and the man at the bank talked me into taking out the loan with my old address before changing my account to my new address which I thought was unusual . Because of all the problems this is now with collections as is my overdraft. The ongoing problems made me fall behind with my council tax in 2005/6 which is now with equita (who are impossible to deal with ). I am also behind with my income tax. in 2006 I bought a car with welcome finance and was one of the many who had thier arms twisted into buying the insurances, I am now 3 month's behind with this. The reason I went to welcome was because of my poor credit rating. Rant over for now, just needed to let off steam. I will tackle these isues in differant threads but need a little advice where to post. Do I post each item in a differant thead or do I keep the LloydsTSB loan and current account stuff together as they are both delt with at the same collections office. Also is there a council tax forum or an equita forum and which do I post in? Sorry for the rant and pop quiz, contacted TSB about charges last april but was fobbed off, wasn't sure what to do next, now I've found this site maybe I can stay on track and stay in the fight. :-) On with the fight...
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