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  1. Yeah, I take that point. It wasn't until this weekend and I sat down to examine why this spiral of charges was happening that I tracked it back and realised the foolish error of 10p that started it all. It's just frustrating - I'm in this stupid, endless cycle of charges and can't lay my hands on enough cash to clear the overdraft and get access to my full paycheck again - things aren't great but at least my income covers my expenditure without starting on a minus each month because of charges!
  2. Hi all, I was hoping to send A&L a letter regarding the charging situation I have been experiencing lately but am awful at writing letters and was hoping you guys could help me get it put together. The situation is as follows: In March '09 I accidentally went overdrawn by 10p. and remained overdrawn by 10p for a period of 10 days until my payday. The following month I received 2 sets of charges; £65 (£5 per day overdrawn for 13 days) and a £5 Overdraft usage charge I feel that it is hugely unfair to receive a charge of £5 per day for being 10p overdrawn! This
  3. Hi guys, I'm still around - I'm just a lurker. I'm not much of a poster really but I still read up on stuff and follow the odd thread here and there. In terms of how things are going...well...things have become a little more interesting over the last 6 months really. I dipped my toe in a little and managed to get some claims through - I got my Capital One, Virgin and Mint card charges reclaimed (I no longer have Mint - it was balance transferred onto the Virgin card) with some straight forward letters using the Martin Lewis guide and got my PPI on HSBC back too - all of which we
  4. Good luck with all this J4L - I'm just about to kick off mine & my wife's claims so am 100% behind you and will be following your thread!
  5. Nobody have an address for credit card claims for Mint? C'mon guys - someone help me out here...
  6. Cheers. Can anybody help with the Mint address?
  7. Hi, I'm sure I saw an addresses area but I'm rooting around and can't seem to find it again! I'm searching for: Credit card fees claim addresses for Mint & Capital One. PPI reclaim adress for Capital One. Can someone help me with a link to the adresses? or even provide them?
  8. Thanks Olive. The biggest help this website has been to me is just to know that there are others out there!
  9. Cheers guys. Like I said - only a little win & £30 isn't really much but just goes to show how much information is power - by quoting some small peices of legislation I garnered off this site I've got them to back off and made a few pennies back. I might claim the distress has been so much that they now need to compensate me by paying for a holiday! *smirk*
  10. I am watching this thread with a great deal of interest (No pun intended!) - I too am the victim of Virgin/MBNA rate increases steadily over the last few years - I am now sitting on 34.95% APR. my minimum payment (which I can barely afford to pay as it is!) is now barely paying for the interest - £141.78 bill against £116.63 interest, leaving only £25.15 to come off the balance; which is probably mostly made up of interest anyway! My full strength support on this one! Has anyone contacted them and followed the script some time after the last rate increase letter?
  11. Cheers for that IdaInFife. Now, in terms of CCA'ing my creditors, who I mostly applied with online, from reading your thread links it implies that I would not have much luck because they'd easily be able to print off an enforceable document with the electronic substitute of my signature. Have I got this right? I'm not sure, but I vaguely remember, with my Egg card especially, that I had an agreement come out to me that I had to sign & send back - but I'm not 100% on this. If that was the case: does the paper based agreement that I signed (Bearing in mind I'm not entirely sure I'v
  12. Hi, I've been rooting around for some time today and gathered lots of very useful info and advice I plan on utilising but one question I've not found an answer to: Most of my credit card debt was signed up to in the last 4 years online. How might this affect my CCA requests?
  13. Hi all, Joined the site yesterday and, after reading around a little and having some replies to my first post, have started to try a few small, light actions today. 3 issues I decided to have a go at: 1. Constant & persistently harrassing phone calls from HSBC RE: my overdraft. 2. Interest freeze on Barclaycard. 3. Interest freeze on Egg. Now, decided to play nice to begin with and picked up the phone to make some feeler calls. Spoke to Egg but, due to cutting myself off and not using the service in soooooo long, couldn't remember my security info and didn't manage
  14. Thanks guys - fully plan on taking your advice! Going to have to kick everything off on Monday - started of nice & friendly today with them all with some light, fluffy phone calls to gather some facts/figures but found most close the relevant depts over the weekend. I've downloaded all the letter templates etc you've all recommended and am cracking on with that. Would someone be so kind as to break down in very simplistic terms the CCA & SAR stuff? I'm still abit lost and confused with the info in the FAQ's and forums! feel free to call me a dunce on this - very awa
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