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  1. This topic was closed on 10 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. I'm just updating this to let anyone that's interested know that finally this year, HMRC stopped objecting to strike off. I have no idea why, they didn't communicate with me about it at all. I only found out because I rang up for the umpteenth time to ask them to stop sending reminders to file accounts etc as the company was no longer trading. I explained that they were the ones not letting me strike it off and therefore keeping teh process open. The lady said that they were no longer objecting, so I rang companies house, and completely out of the blue they said that they had proposed strike o
  3. well, just to update: Due to acquiring a boyfriend, and then a family bereavement, I did nothing with this at all, and figured that if they think they have a case, they'll write to me. I have heard no more from Carters consequently (touch wood). I may still SAR Cap One, as they added a fortune in charges (I wasn't stupid enough to take out PPI), and then I have a defence in place if needed, and also may be able to reclaim some money
  4. hmm... I think perhaps it's better not to poke the sleeping dragon then. I should probably be grateful that i walked away not having to pay the horror debt I got myself into.
  5. can I do an SB letter while saying I don't acknowledge the debt?
  6. yes I concluded today that an SAR was probably the way to go now. I'm worried about sending an SB letter just in case they can use the IVA contact to extend the SB time by a year. Saying 'yes this is mine, but it';s statute barred' seems to me to be a dead cert way of acknowledging it but putting myself in a position of uncertainty. I am still not clear what rights Arrow/Freds/Carter have here, as it seems to have been sold on to Arrow. Hopefully a SAR will clear this up?
  7. (one of these is HSBC, who added the most money of all, and who also kept forcing me to 'consolidate' debt into ever larger loans)
  8. I have about 7 credit card and bank accounts which fell into debt 6 years ago, and I am wondering if i can claim back the charges on them? Has anyone done this successfully? I am concerned that if I did try this they would start chasing the debts again, or it would be seen as an acknowledgement of the debts. I am pretty sure they are now statute barred as my last payments were over 6 years ago, but I did enter into an IVA after that date, and the last contact from that plan was Aug 07. I'm not sure if that counts as acknowledgment from a statute barring POV.
  9. well, Arrow Global is now the owner, isn't that the same company as Freds/Carter? I would still like to stop them sending me letters if they don't actually have any legal power, but I don't know how and am just getting partial answers here, and no one is really answering the questions I am asking. I would appreciate a bit more depth so that I actually understand where I stand.
  10. I agree that the debt is probably statute barred, but I don't seem to be able to get any certainty around this. why ignore them? They have the right to take me to court don't they if the debt has been assigned to them? I was really hoping for more constructive answers than these, so that I know what my options and rights are at this stage.
  11. Just checked my CRA again, and it doesn't state the last payment, but the default is registered as 6th August 06. What are my options at this stage?
  12. Thanks for this, I'm still not sure it really answers the main question of how to proceed at this stage though. Does what they have sent me (confirming dates the account was taken out, and debt amount etc) constitute adequate 'proof' that the debt is mine? I feel that the longer I can stall them, the better my chances of having the debt statute barred. What should I write in response to their latest threat letter above?
  13. Well, I think that given the last payment would have been before the default in Aug 2006, I must be in the clear then. I am certain that when the IVA collapsed after a few payments, I asked the IVA practitioner how much had been paid to the creditors, and she said that so far no money had gone to the creditors, just to the insolvency firm (I remember because I was quite annoyed). In any case, I still think that if I could definitively say to Bryan that they have no provided 'evidence' that this debt is mine, that might put the matter to rest. Or the matter of assignation (I've
  14. Cheers for unapproving the letter, I'll get that fixed and repost later. Is the last payment DEFINITELY the SB date to count from? Some people further up this thread suggested the IVA letters might also constitute contact? The last of those to be sent was 1st June 2007 (informing creditors the IVA had collapsed). Also- whatever happens, I need to send them some form of reply to their latest letter, and I would like to get the matter put to bed. So even if they are phishing, I'd still like to have a response based on whether the letter they sent me = proof of anything, and anything I
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