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  1. Right, after my girlfriends ex-landlord forced her out of the house she was living in, he still hasn't given the deposit back; which is £220. He said he would get in touch about returning it, but he never did. This was on October 31st. That was the last we've heard from him. Being a naturally terrible little man, we expected that he would make all sorts of stuff up as an excuse to keep some or all of the deposit (like he did for harrassing her out of the house), however we've simply heard nothing from him. We've since sent two letters to him; one at the end of January asking why he hasn't been in touch about the deposit and when/if he intends to return it. No reply. A month later, we sent another, asking yet again and that if there was no reply, we'd take him to court to get it back. Having sent this requiring a signature, it was not recieved as no one was in to sign for it. The Post Office did leave a card for him to collect the letter, but he has not done so. What I need to know is, does my girfriend have a good case to get this money back via the courts? I think she does, but I'm a bit scared of going down this path and hoped it wouldn't come to this. Additionally, my girlfriend wasn't given a code for a deposit, which is also illegal, apparently. Can we use this? Also, what's stopping him insisting he gave her it, even though he didn't? Lastly, how much would the fees cost? This is pretty scary territory, if I'm honest, but we're both adamant that he shouldn't profit, let alone get away with his behaviour. Any advice, short or long, would be appreciated, The Convincer
  2. Hey folks, I probably should've came here earlier as this has been going on for a few weeks now. Basically, my girlfriend's landlord is trying to kick her out and a variety of grounds. These include non-payment of rent, moving me into the property, anti-social behaviour and threatening people (both of us apparently), all of which we deny. The only thing that has an ounce of truth to it is that a cheque for the deposit she gave him bounced, but she then paid it in cash, as requested by him. After a lot of harrassment, giving her short notice to leave by text & email, plus threatening to have the locks changed, he's submited a Section 8 notice via email (despite her repeated request for all correspondence to be by writing). This document is not in writing nor has he signed it. Bascially, she obviously now wants to leave but doesn't want him claiming she's broken the contract by leaving prematurely and putting in claims against her. She offered the mutual termination option but he claims he's already terminated the contract, which we're not convinced about. What I need to know is if he obliges and sends one signed, can she then agree to move out without being penalized for moving out before the natural end of the contract? Additonally, is there any other way she can end the contract legally, perhaps in the face of his conduct, without penalties? Cheers, The Convincer
  3. Many thanks, folks. I just can't quite remember when my contract with Carphone Warehouse ended. I did keep the termination letter, but I can't currently find it. o_O
  4. I'm sure not all debt collectors are evil minions of Satan. Some I've spoken to don't seem that awful. Even Vinnie from HFO, who called me daily, despite repeated requests that he didn't, used to ask me how my day was. I'm sure not all traffic wardens are evil either. ^_^
  5. Hi folks. I just need a bit of advice regarding charges. I sent a Subject Access Request to Barclays and recieved all my records from July '02 to March '06 (when the account was closed). Now, I've been told to check for any unfair charges, but what's fair and what's unfair. Should I challenge all overdraft charges? To add another twist to this, I found that Carphone Warehouse had been routinely taking money out of my account right up until it was closed, even though I ended my contract with them at least two years before. This has caused me to go overdrawn on a few occassions too. Should I claim these back, or is it Carphone Warehouse who are liable? Finally, can anyone give me any info on what these test cases are about exactly? Who's challenging them and what outcomes there have been or we expect there to be. Pardon my ignorance. The Convincer
  6. They're in default with me also. Do these people ever have a valid CCA?
  7. I got a letter on Monday off Mak' Hall offering a reduced payment of £346.44, when they were originally wanting £461.92. The previous time, they pretty much said "pay or else". Now pardon me, if I'm being silly, but I find it hard to believe I'm being rewarded a discount for not complying with their ultimatum. I SAR'd Carphone Warehouse a week last Friday. Not got anything back yet, but it seems really weird that they've took so much money out of my account, under both the name 'Carphone Warehouse' and 'CPW Sevices'. Seems very dodgy to me. The good news is that the telephone calls seem to have stopped, for now at least. Here's hoping they remain stopped.
  8. Makenzie Hall left a message on my landline phone today. It didn't say who it was for, just to ring them on such a number with such a reference. Surely, this isn't right? Also, there seems to be a weird pattern between Makenzie Hall's persuit of me and HFO's. They're chasing me for two separate debts, but when one starts harrassing me daily, the other one goes quiet. This 'swap' has happened a couple of times now. Does anybody know if there's any link between Mak Hall and HFO? Particularly as they both seem to have obtained my contact details from that First Logistics phishing postcard I recieved. Anyway, HFO's twelve days to reply to my CCA request expired on Wednesday. What consequences does this now entail?
  9. Remember to send it recorded delivery. Otherwise, they'll deny recieving the letter.
  10. They got a CCA on you, Niteman? They rarely seem to provide CCAs on anybody.
  11. I might tell Vinnie, when he next calls, that my dad is Mr T and that he knows where he lives. It could work.
  12. Rob, I've been dealing with these too. I was only getting one call per day though. I sent them a CCA request (along with the instruction not to call me) too weeks ago last Monday. The 12 working days were up today. Since then, they've went from phoning me every few days, to every other day, to once daily. They recieved a harrassment letter from me on Monday, yet the harrassment continues. Here's my thread, if you're interested... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/149873-kinda-stuck.html I would be grateful to know anything about these that will help me deal with them. I want them out of my life, pure and simple.
  13. That's utter tosh. They can't take anything from you. They can come around to your house, but this rarely happens, and if they do, you can just tell them to **** off. Start your own thread on here, so we can help you. It keeps the subject board more tidier.
  14. So I should write, or should I ask Vinnie, when he surely calls again tomorrow? He phoned again today. Vinnie: Hello Mr Convincer, how are you today? The Convincer: Fine. How about yourself, Vinnie? Vinnie: Er, yeah, I'm fine thanks. Vinnie: Now, we've recieved a letter... The Convincer: Well, in that case, you know not to call me. They've recieved two letters. The CCA request letter (with additional instruction not to contact me by phone) and the harrassment letter. Their 12 working days for replying to my CCA request ran out today. So what happens now?
  15. I don't doubt it. The sad thing is, I don't like letting people dominate my over the phone. It's not my scene. it doesn't put them off trying though.
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