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  1. The item is in Australia having been delivered to family. It’s been opened with packaging thrown away. It was only a few gifts - t-shirts, dvd box set and lots of sweets. The value was about £85 in total.
  2. I sent a parcel to Australia from the UK through Parcelhero - the carrier being UPS. I deliberately measured the dimensions and weight 3 times to be sure and booked collection / delivery. 2ish weeks after it arrived in Australia I got an email from Parcelhero saying there was an additional weight charge of £3.39 - no details on there of weight etc. I queried this and they said they would look into it. I then received another invoice for £13.98 saying the parcel was 3.5kgs over the 4.2kgs I had declared. I requested photographic evidence from UPS confirming the weight they are claiming. I again queried it and have now received a third email asking me to ignore the previous email as the audited weight was incorrect. They are now saying the billed weight was 5kgs and the audited weight was 5kgs. I don’t understand if it was an additional 5kgs or has evened itself out. I have yet to receive a third invoice. I have again asked for evidence as the numbers they are quoting keep changing. I can’t appeal as the box has long gone and I took no photos of the parcel on my scales as I’ve never had this issue before. I did register with UPS on their website to track the progress of the parcel and there is nothing on there about the parcel being ‘over weight’. What can I do? Am I right to ask for evidence as it seems this is a common occurrence with people using ParcelHero. Thank you in advance for any help/suggestions.
  3. Hi. Another first time participant. Civil Enforcement Ltd, carpark in Chingford and staying 10 minutes over the 2 hour no charge period - need I say anymore! This happened in February, I got a letter from CEL at the end of March and I replied using the standard letter of 'please don't contact the registered owner etc'. Things went quiet. Now I have received 2 letters from Newlyn dated 05/06/08 and 16/06/08 to the effect that the matter has been passed to them and they require payment now of £165 to avoid going to the County Court and incurring more charges. Should I be worried that I ahve received 2 letters within 2 weeks? I have been reassured by the posts on here so far and understand the implications of contract law, I just don't appreciate the frequency of the letters from Newlyn. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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