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  1. As it's the same company, your original contract will still be valid and probably covers many basic points, i.e. what the grievance procedure is etc. What has changed is your job, so you will need a new job description but not necessarily a new contract, it really depends if the contracts are written specific to each job within the company. Even in the absence of a contract of employment you become entitled to at least the minimum protection offered by law, so they can't just drop you. They should have given you written confirmation of anything major that has changed from your previous r
  2. Sorry, he's misinformed you. It is unlawful to give an inaccurate reference, but if a bad reference is accurate, it is unlawful to give a good one! See link References and job offers : Directgov - Employment As you say in the case of a free written reference, often anything bad is omitted if the previous employer is doing you a favour, but if the reference is in questionnaire format or a telephone reference, asking specific questions, the employer could be sued by either the (ex)employee or the prospective employer if their answers were anything other than accurate. See
  3. Hi Zola, I'm afraid it's bad news, they have to be truthful (or say nothing at all). As an employer myself I often prefer to take the "I'm sorry, we don't give references" line, because if I agree to give the reference they might ask me something that highlights a bad point of an otherwise good employee. My mum always told me "If you haven't got anything nice to say about somebody then don't say anything at all" - Makes me a coward, I know. Couple of ways forward for you that I can think of - 1) Can you ask your former employer for a reference? They can refuse but if they do g
  4. Ok -update (I'll post the full list of the invoice tomorrow) Sorry I didn't see your reply before. We managed to get the cash together to pay the bill and were just going to write it off as a bad experience. My OH drove to Essex in it the first weekend we got it back and it was still coughing and spluttering similar to before. He told the guy at the garage who insisted it was fine as he'd done lots of test drives and said it might just be a bit of air or dirt working through the fuel line. He went down to Essex for a second time and broke down on the M25. He had to be recovered and pay an
  5. Hi, My other half pranged my car nearly a month ago now. He's named driver and it's fully comp, so no arguement on that score. LV wanted me to take the car to their approved repairers. About 4 years ago the same car, having been hit by another car in a no-fault incident, was taken to these people and at the end of the day I wasn't happy with their work. So I told LV that I didn't want to use that garage again and they said I could get a quote in from my own garage. For starters they gave me the wrong fax number to send the quote to which delayed matters. Then they said they wou
  6. Thanks for the dose of hindsight Ray! The thing I really need to find out is how do I argue that this bill is nonsense? Do I have to pay it then take him to court or refuse to pay it then let him take us to court or what? The bill lists lots of work that we never asked him to do and clearly was never necessary. I wonder if the work was done at all. To give you an idea of what I mean, the car belonged to my partners father who passed away and it has really low mileage on it. It was an excellent runner (my OH eloquently said it went like sh1t off a shovel) but developed what appeared
  7. Car probably worth about £1000, bill is £1200 (£900 o/s + £300 already paid) - We don't have £900 to either pay the balance of the bill or buy a new car. It just stinks that he gets £300 off us, + gets to keep our car (having got us to tax it first!) because he didn't repair it properly in the first place then breaks his word and comes up with an over-inflated bill. 4 years ago my partner was blind and in a wheelchair after suffering chemical poisoning. He is still very weak and his car is his lifeline for independence and mobility. He served ten years in the RAF and saw active service as
  8. His own garage. Just the one place but he employs a couple of guys working for him there too.
  9. Good point - At his garage - "allegedly" - We've not seen it since before Easter!!
  10. Will try to be brief - but it's difficult! Last Oct/Nov 07 my partner's Rover broke down. We spoke to a local mechanic who said that he thought it might be related to the EMU and as he did not have the equipment we should find a garage that did. As we are new to the area we checked the yellow pages and found one near to us. They said there was a break in a loom which they fixed within a couple of days and charged over £300 (paid cash) The following day it broke down again, leaving my disabled partner stranded in a remote country lane in the pouring rain. He phoned the garage who came
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