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  1. I have taken a week to read all your Threads and at one point I cried to hear what heartache you and your family have and are going through but you have helped me so much with what info you have put on hear more than you realise even down to finding a solicitor because Ive tried all over the country to find one to take the case on and it ends up right at my backdoor by knowing it was a Consumer law Solictor We needed. How your case going when are you in court now? All the very best to all your family as well Hun x
  2. This is a copy of what I read on the other forum regarding charges and Blemain : ((exblemainstaff 08-10-2010, 10:54 PM Hi this is unusual im ex staff, in 2007/2008 blemain carried a massive task, they realised alot of accounts had not got the charges on the accounts. due to the change in FSA guidelines clients had to sent annual statements if the charges were not highlighted on statements then they could never be re-applied, i would suggest you take this to court, these have been applied accross all companies, blemain, cheshire, lancashire. they paid the staff double time to complete these over 6months. in exces of £5,000,000 was applied to accounts.)) Im not sure but round this time I seem to remember I started to get regular monthly Statements with interest added especially as I look back on 2008 one Ive got nothing before that though could that be why they are not willing to send all information out on the SAR. I have not done one yet myself the company that did my PPI I think did one but neversaw any paper work myself but from what solicitor has said so far even that has not been done right because on our loan it should have been put back to a State where we had not got the PPI so we would have no loss. But the Company that was working for us did not fight that part of the claim so Blemain are still charging us for the PPI durantion of the loan plus the interest
  3. Thank You WP3 for replying early days been trying since 2008 been to FOS before with another company but they were out for their own ends Ive just found out. FOS said because they werent part of the FOS until 2007 they couldnt help I would have to take this matter to court myself. Problem is the cost involved and ofcourse Blemain nows this only to well with most of people in the same situation. But fingers crossed this time I am hopeful Ive found the good guys they have won some high profile cases so far and they know of Blemain well. Ive just remembered something about somthing I read on one of the forums not sure which one though, from a former employee of Blemain in around 2007 2008 something went on about the interest they were chargeing and this person stated that Blemain paid over time to add the interest onto the accounts of the customers before a certain deadline will have a scout around and see if I can find it. Also I was lucky I kept all my Orginal paper work and some which I should not have had at all came through to me marked not for Public Domain from the broker by mistake I think .
  4. WP3 thank you for all your help and advice you have already pointed me in the right direction without you knowing it. I have now got a Consumer Law Solictor looking at all our paper work. We have CCA Loan from 2005. Had problems with Monarch, and almost every issue you guys have been speaking about. Due to go to Court on the 6th feb for reposession Blemain have asked for it to be suspened with a chance to restore. We have paid in full any arrears plus this months payment by the 22nd January. They told me last friday they had canceled the hearing now Wednesday the letter came to say they had asked for it to be suspended. Cannt trust anything they say .Waiting to see what solictors say hoping they can help at last to put the Bad Guys Down. I have MS and they have made our lives hell over the past 7 year; Just had paper work off them ie Statement of Payments- Statments of Debits to Account ( they do not match documents i have already this is really strange none of the dates match ) then We asked for Interest added to the account and they sent us a letter to send the Tax office with the sum of £21,000.00 about on which added up are the payments made over the past 7 years. Our Loan still stand at £31,000.00. so Like you said earlier looks like we will never pay it off .
  5. wp3 stay strong took me all week to read all this thread in great detail and intrest as I too have dealing with Blemain took loan out in 2005 for 22,000 which they then added ppi i won ppi in 2011 against click who are now no more.Blemain would not take responsibitlty for ppi as they didnt sell it to me but its on their loan and they are getting interset on that money for the next 20 years (loan was over 20 years) Fought since 2008 complained to fos through no win no fee company about mis selling as advisved by OSwhen going through ppi but because they were not under the fos until 2007 the fso couldnt take matter any further.Complained to FLA who they are or were part of fell on deaf ears. tried to get leagal aid to matters further. Arrears on account loads of charges calls,letters land reg charge x2 over 2 months 10.30% interest a month monthly payment gone up without notice dept adviser calling varoius amounts charged charges from monarch recovery offer to remortage from cheshire mortage, court charges admin charges won some of the charges back but not made clear on statement told by one of the customer service people to stop smoking then could afford to pay my loan asking for income and expediture to be filled in every other month. explained circumstance dont change from april to april as on benfits due to long term disabilty (i have ms and my husband is my care only works 10hrs ) list goes on in court on 5th of feb for rep order.
  6. hi been reading your thread been dealing with blemain for past 6 years like you took secured loan had problems health wise and lead to money problems We have won ppi against them - well a co. who have gone bump it was with the ombudsman for nearly 3 years finally got sorted earlier this year was told by the fos the whole loan was mis sold - go for mis selling . did so only to be told they were not part of the fos until 2007 reported them to trading standards, office of fair trading but there is no one willing or able to take the case futher got appointment with legal team at shelter after my last court appearance which blemain wouldn't cancel even though arrears we paid in full 2 weeks before court date they are a vile company the odd few on the phone are nice. I have MS and they make my blood boil Im so ill after i come off the phone i have refused to give them my phone number because of the attitude of the staff put number of complaints in but nothing ever happens. Some One some where needs to help us all we cannot all be wrong
  7. Just to update everyone We live to fight another day managed to pay arrears in full before hearing of course blemain in their usual helpful way (not) would not stop the hearing went to court saw the guy from shelter. judge was not going to hear the case but shelter asked if we could go in went in blemain asked for indefinate adjourment but shelter got us 12months explained the problems we are having with them. got meeting with some from their legal team in november to see if they can help with taking them for mis selling by the way any one reading this please beware of Ocean finance as they seem to have taken over from click who were the first line of contact for blemain. I not willing to give up the fight against this company there must be some way of proving they are cheats and totaly unfair the way they deal with their cusomers. Iread on another form where they paid staff over time and bonus back in 2007 /2008 before they became part of the fso and so many millions of pounds were added to cusomer accounts in interest were added. Ive been trying to get a full itemized statement off them proving very hard but will let u know what happens after shelter metting in november guys
  8. Thank you can any one also advise can i get a 1st court date put on hold while i get more evidence together the date is the 13th of september we are going to ask for a time order and we are also disputeing the loan like i said before as been mis sold from the begining
  9. Just seen rest of post you need to complain to Financial Services Compensation Scheme as like I said Click Financial Limited Trading as Click for Freedom are no longer a company this will save time for you if doing it yourself.The fos will refer you to them in the end.Again good luck and i hope ive been some help
  10. hi hun im just writting to advise i took them in 2008 i will warn you if you did it through a broker like i did which was click for freedom blemain say its them that sold you the policy .I have just won the case mind you it has taken till this year and click went bump and it ended up been delt with by the fscs because they had gone bump i didnt get the full amount back. Blemain are a hard nut to crack if you are doing this on your own make sure you do everything in writing to the recorded delivery i had a company working on my behalf who were great and took all the hard work out of it on No Win No Fee it was worth it to me. You have helped me today as I had forgot this was one of the terms of the loan and this will help me in my case against them for mis selling of the original loan i took out with them. Wishing you all the very best of luck dont give in and fight every step of the way you will win if its still within the 3 years you have the right to cancel but you still have to pay it back in your loan they have us always
  11. Hi need some advice got hearing date for 3 weeks time had loads of problems with the above company mis sold PPI which we have won a case against or should I say the company that sold us the loan which was Click Blemain would not take responsibilty surprise surprise.Was told we had a good case for mis selling of entire loan been going on since 2008 finally went to the ombudmans in April and was turned down because they were not part of the FOS until 2007.Contacted Blemain due to my ill health me having MS my husband is looks after me we took the loan out in 2005 started haveing money problems as my health got worse contacted my 1st mortgage company who were great really helpful put us on interest only. Blemain nothing really struggled loads more gone on would take too long to go through in process of fill the n11 form in and I have appointment at shelter thursday to help i hope with that i had a company which was no win no fee working on this case but once the ombudsman said no they could do anything ofcourse my company said they couldnt. At the time of taking the loan Blemain were part of OFT/ CCA/ CCTA according to their paper work who do i need to complain to about Miselling of the loan been to cort before 2 years ago and judge threw it out in our favour with no terms and condition said we shouldnt have been there. they have now started new procceding so here we go again. can any one help
  12. Hi Folks been useing your site for ref. for sometime now and a feel I need to say thank you to u guys youve helped me so much with out knowing. You can spend hours on the phone getting no where but you give advise so you can say the right things at the right time. Big thank you looking forward to been part of this forum
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