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  1. ok see what happens when they put it in writing, what car have you treated yourself too out of interest.
  2. good on you stick to your guns, also have a look on there website etc, see if you can trace this fee and what its for.
  3. case close full refund now in bank, thanks for advice on here, thanks to trading standards and the police - love you guys.
  4. surely there should be a discont for paying cash lol, i think you would be out of your mind to pay this fee - if they insist walk away mate.
  5. cup of tea time for me, looks like the credit card will be taking the hit on this, will go down sec 75 route should the check fail for the second time. if that fails for some reason, then garage can explain why they asaulted me and stopped a cheque at the local county court.
  6. the last email i had from them confirmed they would refund the road tax and the matter would be closed, they now have the car back up for sale on there website!!! (all printed off of course)
  7. i do because they have issued a refund! some of it has cleared, they also gave me my old trade in car back! and the emails i have confirm they have refunded!
  8. i still do not know what tree you are barking up, i now do not own the car, the garage refunded then stopped the chque, how many more times? id of rather had the refund applied to my cards then a dodgy check, anyway i will keep this updated, police left a voicemail as my phone was off, the sales guy from the garage has been arested and charged with assault. i have also just checked the bank, and the cheque has been automatically represented, if it fails this time, i will instruct the credit card company that has the bigest payment for the card on to send the paper work to me so i can go
  9. the car is no longer mine, i do not own the vectra and have now not owned it for a number of days. i paid for the car the garage refunded - so now that car is nothing to do with me. the only issue left is to get the money back, as i paid over £1100 on the credit cards, it seems that the credit cards could be liable for the full sum of £3000+, is this right yes or no under sec 75?
  10. Criminal acts under the fraud act? Technically they could prove this is you as you paid by a card. All they have to do is say yuwanted cashor cheque and then you are in the frame. what on earth are you babaling on about, you forget, they issued the refund via cheque with 2 police officers standing next to them, me in the frame? what are you on about. as bang confirmed, the credit cards are liable for the whole lot of the money, and its barclaycard or capitalone one i instruct to recover the funds under sec 75 as bang confirmed, i then might just might go after the garage for costs an
  11. bang the air con only became apparent after i left with the car, as i said i did not get the chance to test drive it, i also immediatly noticed the wheel alignment was off, and notified the garage that same day, i was quite willing to have the minor issues fixed, but the next day the car suffered complete gearbox and or clutch failure, which they tried to blame on me, this i was not going to tolerate and led to the car being returned.
  12. cheers bang thanks for the usefull info and helisouk, quite right not a specific offence, however fraud by misrepresenation is the correct wording
  13. yes a bad descion in buying a car from a used car place, with 100s of exapmles all over this site and others of wide spread mis selling of un road worth cars amd garages try to shirk there responsibilitys, and then in my case refund only to put a stop on a cheque. soga - breached an offence to sell a un road worthy car assault criminal acts under the fraud act im not going to argue with you or anyone else nor have i indeed argued with anyone, as it is quite clear you have some kind of "issue" with my thread and posts, coniffs posts have been much welcomed and appreciated, yours
  14. and if "The dealer probably issued the cheques to diffuse the situation as advised by plod" was the reason why they were latter stopped then its a criminal offence under sec 2 of the fraud act, oh by the way i was at the solicitors today, who confirmed in there opionion of course that this was a act of fraud.
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