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  1. Hello there, Two of my neighbours received calls from a company to say they have a parcel for me and they need to confirm my details. They didnt give them out but took down the number. When you plug the 01252 number through google you come up with Capquest and various horror stories. First off something will be inbound i take it .. but are they allowed to call my neighbours pretending to be a delivery service.
  2. Original loan was with universal credit. Paragon are now dealing with. I will get a copy of the agreement up in the morning.
  3. Having found this website several weeks ago i have been following the fantastic advise given. This is for an unsecured loan i took out for £2000 in 1996. I defaulted and it eventually caught up with me in 2002. I have been paying £100 every month since. However i just set this up over the phone and only when my debit card renewed recently did the payments stop being taken. I had asked for statements several times and none came. By all accounts i have just £300 of the original debt left. but i now have to worry about £11000 in interest!!! I dont think the £100 i have been paying has even
  4. paragons address is Paragon personal finance, St catherines court, herbert road, West Midlands, B91 3QE. Sheltons is as above on the letter.. same address
  5. Thanks for your replies on this... here is how the letter is worded. We are dissappointed to note that you have defaulted upon the arrangement made with universal credit. We are further concerned that you have not made contact to advise them of any difficulties you are experiencing. In the absence of contact with universal credit limited on tel number, within 7 days of the date of this letter, they will be left with no alternative other than to instruct us in the commencement of legal proceedings to enforce the judgement. This will result in one of the following courses of action:
  6. I have now had a letter from R D Shelton solicitors expressing how dissappointed they are that i havent contacted Universal credit as i have stopped my payments. Obvious lie as i told Paragon last week that i wasnt going to pay anymore until i had full details of the debt in writing. I sent off my SAR last week, but they have threatened legal action if no payment is made in seven days. I am reluctant to give them my card details over the phone as they can do what they want with them. They say is they go to court it will result in either baliffs, attachment of earnings order, charging
  7. Thanks for the advise. They got my work number from somewhere.. dont know where. They called it three times now. Problem all inbound calls into the office are recorded and i am worried they will be picked up by one of the bosses. Any thoughts on what to do about the interest???? I mean £11000. it will take me years to pay that off!
  8. I sent it out on Tuesday. Can they still contact my present employer like they have been doing???
  9. Hello, and can i say what a great site this is!! In 1996 i took out a personal loan with Universal credit and ended up defaulting on it. Ultimately cost me my job in the army as they dont like people with debts. They eventually caught up with me in 2003 and i have been paying this off for the past five years as i foolishly gave them my debit card details. Three months ago my debit card details changed and they were unable to take payment. Having phoned my current work to get hold of me they claim i no owe £380 of the remainding balance and £11000 in interest!!!! I have paid £8000 to these
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