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  1. Yes, sorry for the late update, i've been working non stop for the last month on a separate and monumental Appeal Hearing.. The guy turned the Union Rep' away, refused representation, threw himself at the mercy of the interviewer who promptly raised new allegations against him and then dismissed him. End of story, he was escorted out of the premises.
  2. An update to this.. Having spoken to my full time official he's told me in terms that weren't uncertain that it's not my place and completely outside of my remit to be providing management with information that is essentially hearsay and could result in serious prejudice as to the outcome should he intend on putting forward a defence of any kind, because it also now transpires that this chap is on extended probation and also has a written warning for serious misconduct.. (where do I get them from!) Anyway... The manager called me in earlier today and asked me what precautions I had planne
  3. Hi all, I'm an experienced shop steward of 8 years and this is a brand new situation for me, i'ld like as many opinions as possible before committing myself fully for what's possibly to come. I've got to represent a member of staff at a disciplinary hearing next week which will almost certainly result in the dismissal of the person being disciplined. I can't go into details for obvious legal reasons, but it's about as serious as it gets. I've been told privately, off the record by another member of staff that it's almost certain that this guy (an ex-heroin addict, spliff head, m
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