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  1. Thanks dx100uk. No I did not sign any wavier. Would I be within my rights to ask them to remove my name? Also what action could I take if they refuse to remove it? I know some folks might think this is trivial but I feel they are trying to intimidate/ridicule me because I questioned their procedures to change the rules of the club. Thanks.
  2. Hi folks, looking for some advice. I recently put a complaint into my local sports club, of which I am a member. The club discussed my complaint at their monthly Committee meeting and sent a reply to me. On looking at the minutes of the meeting which are posted on the club's noticeboard (this noticeboard is in full view to the general public) they have published my name, in full, as being the person who made a complaint. Can I ask if this is a breach of the GDPR rules? Thanks
  3. Hi dx100uk thanks for the reply, sorry but can I ask who or what ABDA is? So I can look up what they say, thanks.
  4. Hi I was just wondering if someone can help with the problem I am having with Alpharooms. Background- On 24th August 2017 I booked, and paid, a 4 night break to Benidorm for February 2018 for my wife and myself. Next day our daughter (14) asked if she could also come. I called Alpharooms and they said that it would not be a problem to add our daughter but there would be a £30 modification fee. I said that was ok and booked and paid for daughter this payment was made on the 28th August. To date I have not recieved any conformation of this change and everytime I email and ask for conformation I get a reply asking me to pay £320 so they can proceed with the changes. I have also called them and they tell me they are awaiting a reply from their suppliers which normally takes 24hrs (this has been going on for nearly three weeks now). They also say they can only see one payment (the 2nd payment for daughter) so will have to get in touch with their accounts department to verify payment. My card statement shows both payments have been made and recieved by Alpharooms. This has now been going on for nearly three weeks now and when I called today I was asked to wait another 48hrs for suppliers to reply to them. Is there anything I can do? If I want to cancel booking it is going to cost me £90 according to their t&c's. Thanks for reading and hopefully someone can give some advice about what to do.
  5. Hi dx100uk, I paid through PayPal with my Visa Credit Card. Cheers.
  6. Hi BankFodder Thanks for your reply. It is good to know that I can now reject Dishwasher. They, co-op electrical, are meant to be calling me tomorrow so will see what happens. Unfortunately I did not record phone calls and was too busy drying up water on floor to take any photos of flooding. Cheers.
  7. Hi folks Long story but hopefully I will keep it as short as possible. On 24th November 2016 I purchased a Whiteknight Dishwasher from co-op electrical, it was delivered on the 26th November, all was going well till the 4th January 2017 when it stopped draining and warning light was flashing and bleeping, I looked at manual and fault code was "Overflow - Some elements of dishwasher leaks" I called co-op electrical who said I should talk to whiteknight to arrange a service engineer to call. I called whiteknight who said that their own engineers don't cover my post code area but they would get in touch with a partner who will be in touch with me within 24hrs. 24hrs passed without a call I called them back, they apologized and said they would email engineer again and tell him to get in touch with me to arrange visit. Another 24hrs passed and no engineer called, I telephoned again and was told that a visit was booked for the next day and they would get engineer to call and confirm visit. As per usual no call to confirm visit and no engineer showed up. At 17.30 I called whiteknight again and was told engineer had to 18.00 to make a visit. Told them if no-one appeared I would be calling them back at 18.00. At 17.55 engineer called and said he had just been told about job and he would not be able to attend till the next morning at 9.30, I said this would be fine. Next morning engineer arrived and took dishwasher apart had a quick look around inside machine, switched it on and said he will be back in an hour once it had finished its cycle. He had only been out the house five minutes when the dishwasher flooded my kitchen floor. We switched off machine and waited for engineer to come back, told him what had happened and he said he was not quite sure what the problem was, said he could change pump but didn't know if that would fix fault, he then said he was going to speak to his boss, left the house and has not come back, dishwasher is still lying in bits in my kitchen and conservatory. Next day I called whiteknight to find out what was happening and they told me that the engineer had reported to them that we had refused a repair, told whiteknight that this was a lie. I have now been on the phone several times, since engineer visit, to whitekight and co-op electrical and all they say is we are looking into and someone will call you back within 24hrs which never happens. After all the problems we have had can I now reject the dishwasher, as I have gave them a chance of repair, and ask for a refund or a replacement. Thanks for reading and sorry for the long post. Cheers.
  8. Hi there, I am in a similar situation as the original poster but I am only 3 months into a 12 month contract for line rental and 18 month contract for broadband. Would I be able to cancel my contract for both without having to pay any penalties and also would I be made to pay for the equipment (BT homehub 5) I have recieved?
  9. Hi fkofilee, thanks for the reply. It is not a great deal of money (£60) but nearly every month there is something wrong with my wages, either overtime not added or wrong rate payed (this can sometimes be as much as £200) and when I call it is always the same answer, that it will be sorted out in the next pay run. I would just like to know my legal right to get payed my correct wages in a timely fashion. As I am already paid monthly in arrears it can take 9 - 10 weeks for me to get my overtime. Thanks.
  10. Hi there, I work term-time and sometimes during the school break I am called in to open up for workmen etc. During the summer break I was called in for a total of 54hrs, I filled in my timesheet but when I received my wages I had been payed at the wrong rate. I phoned up my wages department and they accepted that I had been payed the wrong rate and said it would be corrected in the next pay run, which is not until the 14th October. What I would like to know is can I ask them to pay me the shortfall straight away or am I legally obliged to wait till October for wages that were worked in July. Thanks.
  11. Thanks for all your replies, think I will just put in the request and see what happens. Paid or unpaid I shall go to the wedding ;o)
  12. Well have had a reply from my union rep, said they had spoken to HR, the reply was :- "Your holiday entitlement is worked out over the year and paid in your salary as you state. Your allocation of holidays are now when the school is closed. You have no other A/L entitlement outside of this." Still haven't a clue to- How my holiday entitlement is worked out Why I have to work my holiday entitlement Why I can't take my holidays during the time I am actually working for the council More Questions to be fired off then :o(
  13. Hi ericsbrother, thanks for your reply. I have asked for a breakdown of my wages showing what was salary and what was holiday entitlement. The person I spoke to passed me onto someone else who in turn passed me onto someone else, after getting passed onto seven different people I ended up speaking to the first person I talked to who said she would get back in touch, still waiting. After five weeks of getting passed from pillar to post I am no further forward on finding out how my wages are calculated.
  14. Thanks Conniff, school is closed for Easter but I shall put my request in, when we return, to see what they say. I have also fired off an email to my union (Unison) asking for some advice, will see what they recommend or advise.
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