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  1. The problem with DPFs is not just with citroens.Vauxhall are the same what Vauxhall do not tell you when buying a car is that most of their diesel engines are not suitable for short journeys starting and stopping ie running to the shop taking the kids to school etc.When you buy a 7seater car a Zafira you buy it becuase you have kids to take to school etc.Vauxhall engines are made from butter they are useless.I have dealt with my dealership customer service customer complaints Gmac who Vauxhall use for their finance they are all no help at all when something goes wrong with your car.I for one w
  2. If you read your own post it you say that a single parent going to work 16 hours a week will earn more than a MAN working for 37 hours a week or more.That must be a good incentive for anyone to go to work to be better off.How many hours a week would you like a single parent to work a week to be better off? Dont forget now this single parent could have a couple of children to raise as well as go to work a house to run chilcare etc etc.People are not happy when single parents are claiming benefit and not working. Now people are not happy that a single parent can go to work and earn a wage
  3. Reorete. Why would you think anyone on cag would try to frighten the op.He has come on here looking advice.I and others have told the op of our experience of dealing with the dwp or what could happen or what might happen. Do you think that if the op goes to the benefit agency and holds his hands up and admits he is guilty and makes a joint claim that this is all just going to go away somehow? I dont think thats the way it works not for the amount of money the op is talking about.Surely if that was the case the op would have been told at the time of interview admit to benefit fraud
  4. Hi Sweetiepie. After the icu all the information will go to a decision maker to decide if you have recived a overpayment of benefit. This will take a bit longer than the week they said at the interview.If the decision maker decides that on the balance of probabilities you have been living together they will send you out a letter telling you the amount off overpaid benefit. It all depends on the amount off overpayment what sort of action the dwp will take next. When i went for my appeal for a overpayment the appeal panel ask me questions like Did my alleged partner pay
  5. My case is now closed.The person who was employed to carry out the investigation into me for some reason felt the need to tell lies in there observations regarding when my car was parked at my home address. They said over a period of a week that there was times my car was parked at my home address and times it was not parked at my address.they also lied about where they carried out there observations from in my street.It was not possible to see my home or car from were they claimed. The week they claimed my car was at my home was lies because i was on holiday that week and my car
  6. Its strange they cannot find any letters that tells them when you claimed benefits. When i was accused of benefit fraud they had all my previous income support forms and all my previous housing benefit forms i had filled in to claim the benefits.They had the forms from 1996 until 2007 when i was called down for my icu. My alleged partner at the time was able to go down to our local dhss office and get a print out of all the times he was claiming benefit.He done this so i could say he was claiming benefits at a certain time and also to prove he had a different address from me. Have
  7. I Have Had Three interviews Under Caution.They might have more evidence against your wife i am only guessing this. When they called me back down for another icu it was to confirm that it was my signature on my housing benefit forms. This could be why they want you back down to confirm something like that. The only way you are going to know is to attend the icu. Regards
  8. It can take months for the dwp to gather all the facts to make a case. If someone commits a offence during the period of a claim it does not matter if you have signed off now. They can still get you to attend a icu because it relates to the previous claim period.
  9. Where you not told at the icu that if the dwp decided you have commited benefit fraud that they could stop your money because you were no longer entitled to income support. You need to contact income support to see if your benefit has been stopped because they have decided you are no longer entitled to income support because you have a partner living with you. I would have thought they would need more evidence than a couple of work letters to stop your money maybe i am wrong. The Dwp usually have a lot more information than a couple of letters when they ask you for a iuc.I
  10. Hi I was in the same sitution when i attended my icu they had lots of paperwork bank statements birth cert of my son credit reports etc.I was shocked that the dwp could get all this info on me. The DWP have put the facts of the case to you and now its up to you and your wife to decide on whats the best way to deal with it. I would not admit to anything you are just making the case against your wife stronger by admiting you have done something wrong.This is only my opinion it is up to you. You can appeal against any decision that your wife has recived a overpayment.You will th
  11. I got a letter saying the same thing as above.I was not worried because i knew i had not done any work at all. When i attened the iuc it was nothing about me working i was getting accused of living with a partner. Sometimes they are not upfront about the true reason they want to interview you.If you decide to attend the iuc beware they could interview for something else ie living with a partner. You will not be able to defend yourself because they will have got all the information against you already and you will not be prepared to defend yourself against a allegation of say liv
  12. When i got a letter to go for a iuc the letter stated they wanted to interview me because they believed i had been working while claiming income support.I was not worried about attending because i had not done any work in the period of my claim. When i then attened the iuc it was not about me working at all.The whole interview was to accuse me of living with a partner.So beware the letter they have sent could say one thing then when you attend the interview it could be something else they really want to interview you about. Regards st24
  13. Mikey dabodee. Its another way for you to be punished for benefit Fraud. Section 155A of the Social Security Administration Act 1992 as amended by Section 15 of the Social Security Administration (Fraud) Act 1997 allows us to apply a penalty as an alternative to prosecution at 30 per cent of the total overpayment. Upon accepting the penalty the claimant has 28 days to change their mind. If a penalty is not accepted or is withdrawn the local authority must be prepared to prosecute, therefore all cases must be up to prosecution standard. Administrative penalties will gener
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