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  1. Hi, I am a member of free-stuff uk which sends alerts every week for good/free offers. One of the ads was for an electric toothbrush for £1. However, when I registered £45 was withdrawn from my account! I have called my bank but it doesn't look like I will be able to get this back. The name of the company is Pointshop-do not go there! I would just like to know if anyone could tell me if I could in any way get this money back? It was advertised as 'Electric toothbrush for £1' but when I went back the fine print stated a £45 per month subscription. Do I have any rights?
  2. Hi, Sorry-could you give me the link you the SAR again please? I can't access it
  3. Thanks you very much for this. I'll let you know how it goes!!
  4. Could someone give me advice on an ongoing 'debt'? Every 1-1.5 years I get a letter stating that I owe £232 on an Orange mobile phone account that I had approx. 6 years ago. The last time I managed to obtain an address from here to get a statement which showed I owed £0. However, I have received another letter stating I owe the debt again! Unfortunately I have lost the statement, and I know this debt was paid off long ago. Now I am being sent letters from Frederickson debt collection agency. Help!
  5. ah well, was worth checking! Thanks very much. Vikki
  6. No nothing has been taken out, just interest added on
  7. Ah damn it. The only acknowledgement I've had to send are deferment forms every 6 months. If I don't return them they try to take the money out of my account.
  8. No, I was worrying about my Student Loan as the interest is building up, I got it in 1999
  9. Hi, Please could someone tell me if there's a limit on how long you can have a debt before it can be 'written off'? Vikki
  10. Hi guys, Thanks for all your advice. The money was put into my account last night-I'm well chuffed!!
  11. I sent a copy of my offer letter to Halifax asking why I hadn't received the money. This morning I received a letter from Cardiff County Court asking a judge to lift the stay and to authorise settlement-it looked a bit confusing as there was a letter with it from Halifax saying that it was stayed and the case was closed-I'm a bit confused now!
  12. I have been in and they told me that local branches can't deal with it-can they fob me off like that?
  13. Hi, I sent a letter a couple of weeks ago-no reply. The number on the offer letter just goes through to a voice message saying that the test case is going on bla bla bla. Any ideas about other contact sources?
  14. Does anyone have the contact details for Cope's Solicitors, St. Albans?
  15. Ah okay, I'll give that a go. Thanks a lot.
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