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  1. Hi all. Here is a time line of the past month's events; I wonder if anyone has any thoughts?! A few weeks ago I took out a new Natwest Credit Card using the online application service, provided the details for a balance transfer and printed off the agreement on my home printer. The day after, I noticed that my name was wrong on the printout, even though I know it was correct when I completed the electronic form. All the details were inputted automatically for me as I am already a Natwest current account holder. I phoned them to tell them this and discovered, whilst going th
  2. Hi everyone, I hope someone can help. I am writing this on behalf of a friend. She has debts with several creditors, including both store cards and banks. She has not worked due to disability and has been receiving benefits for many years. All of the above debt was acquired during this time of unemployment. Even though she has somehow managed to keep up with repayments until recently, it has now become too much and she can no longer do this. I was wondering if there is anyway she can get these debts cleared given that all the debt was acquired whilst she has been ill? I.e. I don't se
  3. Hi Ann, Unfortunately, talking to anyone on the phone or in branch about these types of issues is a bad idea. My experience is that writing a concise and non-aggressive letter will enable you to get what you want, quickly. I know how easy it is to get frustrated when dealing with these people. However, when I wrote to cancel my LPI, I received a response within 4 weeks offering me a full refund. If your agreement contains the 1.4 clause, then you should ask for what the agreement between you says you can do. That is, to at least cancel the insurance. Additionally, you may want a refu
  4. Hi everyone, long time no write. I hope you're all well. Except for the court allowing the amendment to my POC, there has been no further news on this claim. However, I have a burning question: I saw an advertisement by Natwest in the newspaper last week which was about how they are reducing overdraft charges in October. I was appalled by it, to say the least. After stating that they believe their charges are fair for so long, they have suddenly reduced them by up to 86%. Outrageous. My question is: is it OK to send a letter to them with words to this effect, or should I not because
  5. Thanks Caro! Is it OK/necessary to say on the Application Notice (N244) that the defendant has failed to reply to my request for the amendment of my POC? Or shall I just say it in the covering letter...
  6. Bump. Sorry. Does anyone have any advice? I only have until Wednesday to decide... Resonate.
  7. Hi Everyone. So it has been over 7 days since I sent a request to amend my POC. I kindly asked to hear back from them within that timeframe. However, I haven't heard anything. My questions are... Shall I now fill out a N244 form and send to court? (I have already sent them the amended POC ahead, in triplicate). I know I have to pay a fee for this, but would I get this money back should I ever win? If so, do I add this fee to the Total Claimed now? Shall I hand in my AQ at the same time as the N244, because the deadline is quickly approaching? It's so crazy. Th
  8. Hi vicbebbo, See my thread here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/natwest-bank/149795-natwest-advice-needed-claiming.html for an example of how much hassle NW will cause over making a simple claim such as this. Resonate.
  9. By 6 Aug. Have given them 7 days to respond to amendment, so I guess still plenty of time...?
  10. Thanks Caro. I really appreciate all your advice and comments. No worries that you haven't found more info on that POC. I think someone should look at it though to check it's all OK. I reformatted it for my purposes so that all the section/subsection numbers were correct, I hope. I've sent an amended form now, with the POC attached because it's so long! Let's hope they agree to it. Should I fill out the Allocation Questionnaire now or wait to see what they say to the amendment? Yeh, I wrote to them 3 times to remedy the situation before taking this court action: The 1st time
  11. OK, I think the link: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/resources/templates-library/48-bank-templates/113-4-particulars-of-claim-n1-updated-version-now-available was just a bit unclear with the sections/subsections. I found the same stuff in the link: Particulars Of Claim - Consumer Wiki which is more clear to me. The word "penalty" still seems to be used though, which I thought was wrong?? I have produced an amended POC based on the above. Out of the 5 questions I asked in my last post, the most important now are number 1, (i.e. can I make this amendment even thoug
  12. Ah, help! Sorry for all this. But I have just received today the official documentation from the court with the defence, counterclaim, allocation questionnaire and information on the Small Claims Mediation Service, which I have to reply to soon. I'm really quite anxious and worried, but wondering if they've done this stupid defence and counterclaim just as a scare tactic. They are counterclaiming the exact amount I have claimed as fees for running my FREE bank account (for a 10-month period 3 years ago)! It's totally arbitrary. I have urgent questions!... Now that I've r
  13. Thanks. I don't feel I can use what's in that link though, because I don't fully understand it. As I mentioned, 11. In the premises the terms imposing the charges are unfair within the meaning of Regulation 5 (1) and thus not binding on the Claimant under Regulation 8. seems randomly placed, it's not clear what Regulations it's referencing and it's unclear where sections 8, 9, 10 even are. I can't send something that's inconsistent . I've seen so many examples of what one should put in POC for bank charges that I'm not sure what's right or wrong and I'm very confused.
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