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  1. A court should net be getting involved if there has been no hearing. during which they would have to determine how you can comfortably pay. They would not send you a letter asking you to make payment in full.
  2. I think that "law" is a facre as it is all statutes, but thats just my opinion.
  3. A CCA and perharps a subject access request with the relevant fee
  4. WEll i am no curlyben, but i suppose you would have to write to lowell to get them tell how they have come to have your account information, also sternly reminding them that regardless of whether they are the original creditors or not as they have seen fit to contact you asking for your hard earned cash they need to prove to their claim against you, and have them point out the fact that the matter is far from clarified. Apologies i can not offer anything on mint.
  5. They want to batter down your defense on the phone, send them another letter telling them you are only willing to deal with them in writing.
  6. No intention of hijacking thread, got a letter today from AIC and in said letter they claim that they have been trying to get in touch with me, naturally this is a lie because i recieved their standard yellow cr*p with no envelope, and my details on show to sort it out they want me to "call" their office to make payments in full.
  7. YOu are right to ask about the passing of the agreement like cakes, write to the OC and query them as to the reason why a confidential agreement is doing rounds like a hot potatoe.
  8. Could probably not be said better. this is both the long and the short of it as it is said
  9. Shouting at them is all well and good, but word to the wise you find that when you speak calmly to them they tend not to get as iriate they are human beings afterall withstanding the fact that they have the rotten luck of working for a debt collection agency. I called and spoke to numerous DCA's that they started sending me letters to stop being "padantic" and to stop harrassing them. go figure.
  10. Dont mean to burst your bubble, but they are right there is no need for a consumer credit agreement when dealing with utility bills. What you want to do now is question wescot's right to collect the debt, as they have said that the CCA does not apply to a utility bill. Ask then for proof that you gave your permission for them to be involved in a private matter between yourself and british gas, as you believe they are a third party that has not been stipulated in the original contract between you and british gas.
  11. Sending you legal proceeding letter after the you have raised adispute letter is standard procedure for 1st credit. and nothing to be really worried about, i know i am a bit late with this. Veryweary kudos to you, you last post is both confident and optimistic keep us posted.
  12. I think it is greatly hilarious how through a collective of likeminded individuals, the nuts and bolts of how some debt collection company work i being revealed, we even know the point in which they hang up their boot in despair.
  13. Sorry to seemingly jump on the band wagon here, i had the same yellow slip rom AIC delivered to my house, and can confirm that it was indeed delivered without an envelope. Having said that, i sent them a letter asking for the alleged debt to be verified and have not heard anything. It has been nearly 2 months i rang and the wouldnt speak to me, saying they would only deal with me via written correspondence go figure.
  14. The whole system is designed to fleece the people who can not be bothered to educate themselves. sad but true and there are so many people out there who just accept what they are told and dont question it. That is why the banks can charge 38 qiud if you go over drawn and that DCA lie like theres no tommorow, Because someones ignorance is propping up their massively perpertuated frad.
  15. A default notice and a default are two different things i believe, and in my case i have refused to send any of the creditors or DCA any money and no-one seems to have called me on it. IMO i think that it is to register a recent payment, to reset the timer on a statute bared debt. bust as i say it is my opinoin. Could someone validate my first statement please correct or incorrect.
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