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  1. Will keep you guys informed. Thanks for the info. Thankyou
  2. They stated that I was unable appeal on the 2nd fine and I would have to wait for the next part which is going to be dealt via the Northampton courts, I just find it unfair that a traffic warden can still process a ticket and blatantly lie about issueing it to me. I think he waited until 8.11am because of the grace period for obtaining a ticket.
  3. A couple of months ago, I came out of a bed and breakfast to go to my car, the area was ticket only from 8am to 8pm, I arrived at my car to see a traffic warden in the process of taking details of my car, this was at 8.03am, I spoke with the traffic warden, and he just walked off without issuing a ticke and i drove offt, a few weeks later I received through the post a fine for £75.00, I sent in an appeal, but heard nothing back until recently I got a letter saying it was now £150.00, I phoned up newham parking office, and asked what had happened to my appeal, they first said it was rejected an
  4. Hi all, just an update on my case against HSBC, i have now recieved a letter from there solicitors with all the loan amount along with payments received and missed and what they say i owe in total. But i have also noted that they are trying to include a sum of £513.38 of which i was overdrawn on my current account, not sure if they can add a sum from my current account onto the loan that they are taking me to court for. according to them i owed £20,075.63 (that total included the loan protection of £3702.78, and so far that i had made payments totalling £7,360.83 and had arrears of
  5. Thanks for your reply. I am fully prepared to make an offer to settle this amount and realise that I might have grounds to reduce the amount payable. However, I am a contractor and the bank were made aware of my situation when taking this out, so in hindsight I could have actually been mis-sold this insurance as it would probably have been redundant to me anyway due to my circustances. I have typed up the letter to request the further information as the sums being claimed is totally different to what I have paid (albeit less) I am not sure how this has been made up due to the lack of inf
  6. HSBC Agreement for Signing Credit Agreement Regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 Name HSBC Bank Plc Address PRINCIPAL LOAN Repayment Personal Loan Initial repayment £272.34 Amount of Loan £13000.00 Date of first pa
  7. Hi again I have sent the CRP to the Solicitors and have also now sent the acknowledgement of service. I have received a letter fromt he solicitors as follows:- In respect fo the information requested within your letter of 2nd July we enclose the following document from our client. 1.Copy of the credit agreement together with the terms and conditions applied to the account at the time the account was opended. 2. True copies of any default notice sent in respect of loan account number 401....... togehter with statements for the period 18th September 2004 - 7th June 2007.
  8. Ok had spoken to the wife and i have got confused. i thought it was a credit card, but she said it is a loan that there taking me to court over and that we had paid the credit card off Perticulars of claim The Claimants clain is for the balance outstanding under a personal loan agreement. The Defendant(s) has/have failed to make payment of the arrears of instalments as required by the statutory default notice served by the claimant Have you ever had a default notice? Unsure Have you had a letter before action Unsure Have you requested a true copy of the ag
  9. Hello, Looking for some advice concerning a debt i have with Hsbc with an unpaid credit card total of £10588.75, I have received a Claim form and im unsure as to what i should write, im willing to pay the amount (with the exception of the amount of interest incured over a period, as my credit limit on the card was 7,500 (im afraid to say im one that has burried his head in the sand and should of dealt with this sooner) but at last im trying to sort it out. couple of questions 1. am i able to make a offer i.e £6,000 settlement but pay in installments ? 2. should i fill in the form
  10. Would like to say Hello to one and all, hopefully im able to get some info and advice on letters to help me with some issue's i have.
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