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  1. I need advise on which letter to send to bloody, annoying, edit Mercers. I thought they wont get to me with thier calls but i am irritated now. they call me 10times a day. called early this morning just as i was sleeping after a 14hrs shift. I need a letter to send to them before i am done for GBH on the phone.
  2. I got this reply from barclays and my first letter from Mercers. " I write further to your recent letter alleging that we have failed to comply with our obiligation in relation to your request for documents pursuant to section 78 of the consumer credit act. Please note that we have already set out, in details, why we are satisfied that the documents already provided to you have discharged our obligation under the act. We are under no legal obligation to provide any further documentation to you in this regard. We note your refrence to the civil procedure rules(the CPR). We have provided you with sufficient information to allow you to understand our position. The CPR does not confer an automatic entitlement to documents before proceedings start. CPR 31.16 provides that a party may apply to the court for pre-action disclosure in certain limited circumstances, which do not apply here. The application must be supported by evidence- and then usual order is for the applicant to pay the costs of the application, including the respondent's costs, together with the respondent's costs of complying with any order that is made as a result (CPR 48.1(2)). Your's Barclays. Do i fill the N1 at this stage or send them another letter?
  3. they have not respond yet. My main argument is the legality question. I am wondering what should i do next. The twenty days given to me to pay is over.
  4. TheBogsDollocks, I am hoping you can give me some guideline, is not about money, i can go with them all the way, if this can be done then other people might be able to get justice from TFL.
  5. thank you slick......which address do i sent it to?...no more stupid questions..i promise
  6. Do i need to include another £1 for the CPR letter?
  7. I am doing this for a friend whose car was taken yersterday morning after missing two months payment. They told her the car will be sold in the next seven days if she doesn't pay. She took a loan of £1000 spread over [email protected] 37.47 per week. She has to pay back total £2,922.66. She has already paid £1,300, now they said her balance is £2,780.00 including charges making a total repayment of £4080.00 on a £1000 loan. How can they sleep at night? 1. Can they sell her car within seven days. 2. Can she request to know if the bill of sale is registered or is there any way to check herself if the bill of sale is registered within seven days. 3. Can she go to court and stop the sale of her car or challenge the inerest or reduce it?
  8. Thanks guyz, i couldn't publish the first part of the letter tried so many times, am not sure wehther is the site or my computer but the letter states: Notice of rejection Traffic management Act 2004. Reasons for rejection: Please be advisedf that your vechicle was observed to be parked with one or more wheels on an area other than urban carriageway(Footway parking) on 15 june 1979999 bla bla. Please be advised that the red route restriction applies to footway?pavement and up to the porperty line of any building. i would also like to advise that parking on the pavement or verge is potentially dangerous to pedestrians, and causes damage to pipes and cables housed under the paving stones. Any vehicle, including motorcycles, parked on the pavement is liable to receive a Penalty Charge Notice and in more serious cases to be removed. In the few locations where parking on the pavement is allowed, it is clearly indicated by signs and road markings. The high way code item 244 states that vehicles are not allowed park partially or wholly on the pavement unless signs paermit it. Parking on the pavement can obstruct and seriously inconvenience pedestrians, people on wheelchairs, the visually impaired and people with prams or pushchairs.(END) This is the first part of letter followed by the one i coulod publish. I do not understand why they reduced the fine from £120 to £60. I was not parking on the red route i got the PCN for parking on a footway parking. Any idea what to do?
  9. Thank you slick132, I have sent them a dispute letter and the above reply is what i got from them. Do i send another one or wait for thier action or go to CPR straight, i am determine to go all the way to the court but i want to make sure i am doing the right thing so as not to look stupid infront of a judge and i will like to be seen that i have given them enough opportunity to answer to my request. Thanks for your help. cheers
  10. Hi, I received the attached reply from TFL after using your letter above. Pls advise on way forward. thanks
  11. I received this letter from Barclays card. Having started the request using the s78 consumer credit Act 1974, do i continue the request sending them the 2nd CPR strategy letter or start all over again with a new CCA request using the CPR strategy. I am wondering if this might confuse them mixing the two strategies.
  12. which of the Barclays address do i send the dispute letter?
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