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  1. they probably do but what harm can i possibly do to them if i try to pay for something by debit card for say £10 and i on have£9.99 in my account it wont let me or if a DD tries to come out and i am a penny short it would not be payed and i would be charged £35 so they cant possibly lose. as i say i dont owe them or any related companys to them a single penny i just think they have a f****ng cheek when they have been bailed outfor hundreds of millions by normal people like myself through our taxes i'm not asking them for anything ffs i've payed them hun
  2. Dont you think the bank of scot have a f****ng cheek to close my account and not let me open a new one just because i have been declared bankrupt I do not owe them a penny and it was the most basic account you can have. you cant go even a penny overdrawn With all the f****ng mess theve got into I called the co-op bank and told them my situation and they opened an account over the phone Why cant bos just do the same Giruy bos:D
  3. hi, i am being declared banrukpt ( council tax ) later on this month, i don't really have much option and i don't intend to fight it. what i was wondering was if you think the accout in bankruptcy will take my house off me. my outstanding mortgage is about £ 152,000 and i have arrears of about £4500, i have come to an arrangment with the mortgage company to pay £1000 every 4 weeks ( not monthly ) which is £850 interest only and £150 off my arrears. if i could possibly sell my house right now i would be lucky to get £165,000. but with the market just now houses in my area
  4. hi once more thank you all very much some brilliant advice i think i now know what im going to do welcome can take the car back whenever they want,it was a total moment of madness when i bought it anyway and i can go and buy an old banger to do me in the mean time i will try and fight repossession of the house for as long as possible, if i can get another 2 or 3 months here i should be able to save enough for a deposit, first months rent etc for a rented home i will put off going bk for as long as possible so that all my debts ( car ,house etc) can be swallowed up
  5. hi tideturner please dont think im not appreciative of any advice but i dont think you have read the whole thread,im not planning to sell my house as by the time i eventually got it sold i would be so far behind in my repayments that it would all go to the mortgage company, if they haven,t repossed it by then anyway as i have already said i plan to rent for the forseeable future,try to get back on my feet and then after that who knows so im not really asking IF i should go bankrupt rather when i should do it i have three children who are still all at school
  6. thanks once again for your reponses, as far as why the x type, as i said earlier probably some kind of mid life crisis, i certainly didnt buy it thinking in 6 month time i,ll just declare myself bankrupt, so no dishonesty was meant i promise you as for additional costs from welcome finance what differance does it make if im bankrupt i am a surveyor for a small company so i am out on the road all the time one of the reasons i got the job was that i owned my own car jag is an 03 plate, showroom price was £7500 if it went through a market today probably £5000 ( guessing ) wh
  7. thanks everyone for your responses, dipply i live in scotland, but im not sure what you mean by full bankruptcy i thouhgt there was only one type blue4ever thanks for the link,i think ive read as much as i can about it but i,ll certainly have a look rory ive been told your the man to talk to,as i said ive been through it all before so not too bothered, ( worst things happening arround the world ) i know things have changed since last time,ie bankruptcy only lasts a year now instead of three what im not sure about is timing i need a couple of months in this house so i can
  8. thanks for your reply ida the time after my bankruptcy is what we are looking forward to most, no more debt letters,no more phone calls from idiots,no more scrimping and scraping every penny just to pay the minimum monthly payments. hey we cant afford to stay here any longer anyway, so all im really wanting to know is how is the best way of going about this so that i can keep as much as possible ( legaly of course ) for example if i declare myself bankrupt today can welcome finance repocess the car ( which they will do in the next week or so ) ,or would that be up to the acc
  9. thanks miss muppet, at least someones reading it the way i look at it is what will be will be ALWAYS LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE
  10. sorry9 ive probably missed loads of details out and my dots and commas are probablly in the wrong places i would be happy to answer any questions anyone would like to ask and i would very much appreciate any response at all by the way iwas bankrupt about 14 years ago ( FAILED BUSINESS ) MY WIFE AND I ARE NOT LOSING ANY SLEEP OVER THIS WHEN ITS ALL OVER IT WILL BE A WEIGHT OFF OUR SHOULDER THATS THE WAY WE ARE LOOKING AT IT
  11. here's my story, my wife and i have resigned ourselves to declaring ourselves bankrupt. our house was valued for remortging purposes just over a year ago @ £190,000 we owe ( with redemptions ) about £160,000, but with dropping house prices and houses in my area not selling well ( ONE HOUSE HAS BEEN ON THE MARKET FOR 18 MONTHS ) i reckon if we sold today we would be lucky to get £175,000 anyway with one thing and another we now cant afford the mortage of £1100 per month plus two months arrears repayments of £100 so if we lose the house its not such a big deal council tax arrears of ab
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