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  1. Thank you all for input. Having re-read my post, I can see how it might look like I was expecting them to send me originals, but I was not. Sorry, my mistake. Basically, I'm wondering if they do not have the original, what difference this would make. The copy of the Credit Agreement I received was a photocopy of a fax, and a poor one at that. They claim the original lender has no paperwork anymore so I'm wondering if when the debt was transferred, the original Credit Agreement has gone walkies and all they have is a fax. This is only one of several issues with the debt I am helping
  2. I'm sorry if this is a silly question but I haven't been able to find the answer through searches. If a debt collector can only provide photocopies, is a debt enforceable? I have done a Subject Access request, and a follow-up when I received much less than I was expecting. I used a template from here so included the clause that failure to supply documents would confirm that they did not exist. All documents relating to the debt I'm dealing with are photocopies. If they do not have the original CCA, is there anything they can do? My concern is of course, it i
  3. I've attached the second letter for you, which I received through the post along with a box to send the set back in. They emailed me a dispatch notification for the empty box, the same as when I make an order. They want the whole set back I'm not happy with this and have complained about it. I'm still waiting for their response but I'll let you know as soon as I hear, what their position is. I think the roaster and oven gloves were the best part of the set! I haven't had any problems with the pans either according to them, there is a risk of the handles becomin
  4. I bought a "Hell's Kitchen" Pan Set from Studio about 6 months ago. 2 days before Christmas, they sent me a product recall for the pans, informing me that I should stop using then immediately. This, just two days before cooking the most stressful meal of the year! No replacement, no apology, nothing! Recall Letter The second letter they sent stated they wanted everything back (pans, roaster & utensils etc). They have said if I don't return everything, I will not be refunded. I replaced the pans but did not consider that they would want the items that were OK
  5. Hi. The debt is for a vehicle. The last actual payment was the end of June 2007. There is a credit on the account at the beginning of November 2007 following the repossession and sale of the vehicle.
  6. Hi. It may be a silly question but best to ask.....When calculating the Statute Barred date, does a credit from a repossession and subsequent sale of goods on an account constitute payment/acknowledgement and therefore the SB date would run from that credit? Thank you in advance.
  7. I just checked the actual wording and they said "in respect of the SD we will not take any further action, without giving you 21 days written notice of our intention to do so" which has reminded me why I don't need to worry about it at the moment.
  8. Thank you for that. I sent them a slight variation of the letter as recommended. I added references to my previous letters requesting the same and pointing out that they had so far failed to comply. I have now received a reply. The have sent a comprehensive document which appears to be an assignment to them from Private & Commercial. However, they have redacted a lot of information and contrary to the specific request in document you linked to, they have not given any justification for this. Additionally and I think most importantly - there is a page for details of the debt and d
  9. Sorry for my absence. I have a statement of account but have not seen a default or termination notice. Due to the family members state of health at the time, he does not know if he received a default and termination notice and does not have any papers regarding the debt. I got the credit agreement and statement from Go Debt. Should I be asking Go Debt for a default and termination notice or the original lender? Am I right in assuming that it is Go Debt who need to prove there was a notice of assignment? I have asked them time and time again for one and all they've sen
  10. I think the most laughable part is that I'm guessing neither was taken out as he couldn't afford the repayments on the finance, never mind any protection on top!
  11. One of the figures is on there, but neither GAP Insurance or Credit Protection were taken out. I was being overly paranoid so I censored everything!
  12. There is nothing on the credit agreement to suggest he had any type of PPI. I did ask him at the time things went pear-shaped with his life and he said he didn't have any.
  13. The agreement is from the early part of 2007. The last payment was made in the middle of 07. I thought this was/is the Credit Agreement?
  14. Sorry for the wonky docs - this is how I received them... TW.pdf
  15. I have a copy and I'll post it shortly. I've had a letter back from them confirming they will not proceed with the SD, while my dispute is investigated. They have still failed to provide a true NOA
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