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  1. Thanks for the advice dx. I'll do this first thing on Tuesday morning. I was just worried they wont care about what I am gonna ask them as read about people's experience with other sofa stores. Thanks again.
  2. Hi there Apologies if someone had already posted and got replies for same issue. Few days ago I went to local CSL sofa store. After a little search I chose a four-seated sofa and asked the salesman to help me with the sale. I was told that the sofa is on 50% sale and the delivery is free. The salesman also told me that I would need to buy the 5 year Sofa Shield cover for £160 (any damage) which was optional. I was given the impression that was the only way to get the sofa warranty for 5 years. So I decided to buy the sofa with the damage cover and signed the 4 year no interest agreement. Couple of days ago I received an email from CSL telling me that my sofa will be delivered in next few days and I can check my order status on CSL website by signing in to 'My Account' link. So I logged in to CSL and discovered that the offer already included FREE 5 years guarantee and also on the top of that I 'chose' to buy additional cover (Sofa Shield). Actually I was never told by the salesman that the original price already included free 5 years warranty of any structural damage. I am just wondering if the 5 years warranty was part of the actual sofa price why I was pushed to buy the additional cover. I still await the delivery of the sofa but I really want to cancel this additional cover which I dont need. I understand that I have signed the agreement and if I ring CSL they would not listen to me. Is there anything I could do to cancel the cover but still buy the sofa? I feel like I was kept in dark about the FREE 5 YEARS warranty and pushed to buy the Sofa Shield cover. Many thanks in advance. Adam
  3. *****UPDATE***** The Home Access programme has experienced high demand, grants have been limited and are awarded on a first come first service basis, due to the level of demand the programme application have now been restricted for disabled children. You can listen to the recorded message on their application line 0333 200 1004. BECTA is gone toooooo :'(
  4. Shannon trust me you wont get sacked for this - Brilliant advice. I really wish everyone in TCO is like you.
  5. oldhag2010 do you mean 'walk in shower'. You can certainly ask your council's adults social care service provided they send an assesser to check your need.
  6. while examining the person, during the assessment, the doctor or health professional dont actually know whether the claimant'll be awarded the benefit. It the decision maker who plays with the numbers and decides people's fate. That's why almost 60% of the claimants who appeal the initial decision get the benefit awarded after the tribunal.
  7. Rae Like Michael Jackson said 'This is it'. Yes Rae my Dear 'This is it'.
  8. smithy have you actually filled TC846 form to dispute with the overpayment. Before you appeal you have to dispute with the O/P. Though you have been told that your case is with HO but let me tell you if you don't keep the paperwork right you are giving them a reason to come back with same decision. Please send TC846 asap so they cant say in future that you never disputed. You can download TC846 from here http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/forms/tc846.pdf
  9. sarahella - sorry to know about your son's condition. Can you get a letter from your doctor(s) about your son's illness. Make sure you take such letter along with other reports, list of medication etc to the Tribunal. Or you can discuss your case with CAB or welfare rights who may decide to represent you at the tribunal. All the best
  10. Melissa Viney asks if the new benefit testing penalise genuinely ill people | Society | The Guardian 70% of the claimants who attended LCWAs (ATOS assessment) failed to score required 15 points.
  11. Thunderbolt Sorry to know that you were feeling well. I really wish you all the best of your health. Before you go and see your advisor, have a look at the list of descriptors and the points awarded/not awarded to each relevant descriptor. It would help you and your advisor how to start looking in to your appeal. You can find that list in your appeal documents.
  12. If you think you were never been overpaid in 2004-05 and you provided them all the correct info then you can dispute with it by filling TC846 here http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/forms/tc846.pdf and ask them to justify their demand of £300. Don't forget to put why you think it isn't an overpaymet. Good Advice - you can only appeal if you've already disputed the overpayment (TC846) and the outcome of dispute was not favourable.
  13. It can take upto 2-4 weeks (or in some case more than 4) depending on the application. Your daughter can apply for Crisis Loan if there is no other way she can get help. It's an interest free loan and it has to be paid back.
  14. See I told ya Life-goes-on you are in safe hands now.
  15. Yesterday I waited (rather wasted) 25 minutes on child benefit helpline 0845 302 1444 just to get a CHB ref no. but no joy. Then found a different number (geographical though) on saynoto0870 and someone was on the line right after the first ring.
  16. That would be great coz I know NOTHING about CSA - learning opportunity WoW:p
  17. Dont miss your premiums Life-goes-on. Mikey will tell you the rest8-)
  18. Free computers for low-income families More than a quarter of a million families will be able to claim free computers and internet access under the Home Access programme. The programme is designed to boost the achievements of children from lower income families. Apply via the Home Access website, or call 0333 200 1004 Home Access - Home Access Home Access is a government drive which will help low-income families to get access to a computer and the internet to get online at home. The Home Access programme will allow 270,000 families with children in years 3 to 9 to apply for grants to buy computers and broadband connections from approved suppliers. If you are a low income family receiving certain benefits you could qualify for a grant to buy a computer and/or a minimum of one years’ internet access. Depending on what you need, the grant allows eligible familes to buy one of the following packages: 1. full package (a computer, one year's internet access, service and support) 2. a computer with service and support only 3. one year's internet access only You can also request an application form from the Home Access Grant Helpline by calling 0333 200 1004. Check Eligibility; Have a look at the eligibility requirements below. You may be able to qualify for a Home Access grant if you: • Answer yes to three questions in Section one AND • Answer yes to at least one question in Section two Section One: Are you a parent or guardian responsible for and living with a child….. …who is in school years 3 to 9? …who attends a state-maintained school in England full time**? …who has not already had a computer from a Home Access Grant or similar programme, such as Computers for Pupils? Section Two: Do you receive at least one of the following? • Free school meals for your child*** • Income based Jobseeker’s Allowance • Income support • Child Tax Credit but not Working Tax Credit and an income of less than £16,040 • Guaranteed Pension Credit (not Savings Credit) • Income-based Employment Support Allowance • Support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 Contact Home Access if you believe that you are someone you know may be eligible. PLEASE NOTE! If you already own your own computer and already have a Broadband Internet Connection you may not be eligible.
  19. MIKEY is spot on. Welfare Rights or CAB. You were not the claimant so you are not the one to be chased. You mentioned they have asked about joint bank acount details in 2002-04, why you had an account jointly with your brother????:-? Did you brother actually pay you rent regularly???????????
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