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  1. Yes i know its fraud. And know we dont live at same address.
  2. Hi there I was wondering if anyone can help me. I have been VERY VERY VERY STUPID and opened 2 catalogues in my mothers name and now i cant afford 2 repay them and am now having debt collectors chasing me. What do i do? Do i confess to the debt collectors or just set up a repayment plan? I am worried sick that my mum will find out. PLEASE HELP Thanks in advance
  3. Hi everyone At the moment me and my partner have a joint claim for JSA. But i have an interview tommorrow for a full time job. I was just wondering if my partner will be still able to cliam JSA?? Thanks in adance
  4. Hi, no kids, just me on a single claim. Sent renewal packoffand gave income details and thats what came back. Bloody £7 pr week- that dunt even cover my bus fares 2 work for 2 days lol - ridiculas. Cant even ring up cos it takes ges 2 get through.
  5. Hi there, Got my tax credits award renewal this morning for 2010/2011. What a shock i got. It has gone down from £51 per week to £7 per week, with no changes in circumstances or wages. Can any one please tell me why it has gone down sooooooo much????? Thanks in advance
  6. Hiya. A couple of weeks ago i posted a tread on here asking if i would be prosicuted for breaking into my coin meter. Anyway the agent came and emptyed the contents and he just laughed when i told him about the coin meter. He said he would fetch me a new meter. Its now 4 days and a new meter has not been delivered. How do i stand regarding the payments?
  7. Hi Old Andrew2007 Thanks for replying to my question, but this has nothing to do with the electricity company. I broke into my Buy as you view coin meter to get money for elecrticity. I have a key meter for my electric.
  8. Hi there I have a TV with BAYV and used 2 get 5hrs viewing for £1, then in march i had a new meter fitted. I put £1 in expecting to get 5 hrs but was only getting 3hrs, i quickly phoned BAYV up and was told that they have reduced everyones viewing hours because of the summer months and was told i should have a recieved a letter - but i did not. Iam on benifits so have to stick to a strict budget, and because of the hours being reduced i am now struggling. I had no money for electric so had to brake into the BAUV coin meter to get some money out. I am due for collection at end of may. I took £10 out for electric and have put the money back in. There is nearly £200 in the meter, i have not touched it, the money is till in there. And im still putting money in the meter to view. Will i be prosicuted???? Thanks in advance Charlie
  9. Hi all Iam a BAYV customer, and wud like some advice regarding the coin box. Have i posted in the right area??? Thanks in advance Charlie
  10. Hi All, About a month ago i got a £300 loan with Shopcheck, and arranged with the agent to call every Friday tea time for re-payments. The week after we got the loan nobody came and on the sat we recieved a customer payment booklet and it states the first payment is on the 4.11.09. Nobody came yestersday, then 2day we came home and there was a card from the manager saying please ring to avoid further action. We phoned and the person we spoke to said the account had not been paid for 4 weeks, so somebody is coming out tomorow to collect the arrears, but thats £60 and we havnt got that 2 pay out straight away. What do we do????? Any help is appreciated Thanks in advance Scott
  11. Hi there, My freinds husband has just been laid off, and he is wondering if he would be able to claim JSA even though his wife is working 16hrs a week (sometimes she does less). They have 4 kids and get child benifit and tax credits. Thanks
  12. Hi there, Just wondering what the JSA rate is for a couple. Thanks in advance Charlie
  13. I phoned the council and explained my circumstances and i was told that once its been passed to the bailiffs the council cant do anything. Is there any letter templates on here that i can write to the council to offer a payment of £3 pr week?
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