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  1. Thanks everyone for your help and patience!! XXX all is ok ,funds are safe and we have sent him his docs We have well and truely learned our lesson and will be a lot more selective in looking for the new car
  2. As far as I know whatever he want to call the sale ,it does not take away from your rights ! I think there are some subjects on here about 'trade sale' already ,maybe doing a search may turn up something ?
  3. Will be able to breath a sigh of relief when it al goes through!! Thanks a million to everyone on here for their advice
  4. Yep he signed the back of our original reciept to say he had refunded into card and taken the vehicle back and we have 2 refund reciepts from the chip and pin machine ( one for our deposit ,one for the rest )
  5. hi all Just got back from taking the car back All seemed to go well and he agreed to refund onto our card and the bank have been informed and will let us know when it 'arrives ' He came out to us and said 'whats meant to be wrong with it them ' He turned the key and ..........it wouldnt start !! Yes! Not alot he could say after that tbh ,especialy as he watched us drive up and was at the car as hubby turned the engine off Sooo fingers crossed all goes ok ,will find out by tuesday at the latest ( according to the bank ) Now everyone cross your fingies:D
  6. Thanks ,so if we go on friday as planned and he starts trying to get out of it I can just hand him this letter and leave ? Do I leave with the car or leave him the car ? And Is there a template for this letter anywhere please ? Sorry for al the questions ,Thanks Maybe this is what TS are on about doing as they daid they will be on his doorstep in a shot if anything goes pearshape ?
  7. Thanks ,I rang TS back and the have said they need to run some checks on him and get back to me The car £3279 The TS seems keen to go down the 'criminal ' route rather than civil ,will this cause probs with getting our cash back ?
  8. Right!! Knowing that he now has till friday I rang him to arrange a more 'acceptable ' form of refund After a lengthy phone call his excuses are as follows - He cannot withdraw such a large amount of money from a business account as it will cost him ?!? A bankers cheque will cost him £60 so he wont do it ??? He cannot do a refund onto the card as he has never done one and isnt sure how it works!! He wil not send the cheque throught the post until he has seen the conditon of the car ( we only used it a freeking week !! ) Said its a cheque or nothing ....back on the phone to Trading standards!!
  9. I think the original poster is suggesting that although the inspection was 'visual ' he should have noticed that screws were missing from the inner wheel arch and concluded that possibly some repair work had been done so that should have prompted him to investigate further ( after having suspicions aroused by the missing screws ) and so would have possibly found the fault with the streering ? Either way your contract is with teh supplier of the goods
  10. Hi ,we have the same problem at the mo We bought the same car and a week alter ,same fault We immediatly stopped using the car and requested our money back as it was not fit for purpose ( Consumer direct /Trading standards helped with the wording of the letter as did kind folks on here ) When we bought the car it had already had a new starter motor fitted to 'mask ' the DMF faillure for a few thousand miles we were just lucky it showed up again so soon! Take a look at my thread it may help? Good luck!
  11. Ha ! It gets better !! He has rang as something has 'cropped up ' and he cant be there this afternoon!!! will have to be friday instead Anyone else starting to hear lil alarm bells ?? He might be telling the truth but if it happens again on friday I think I will have to consider a different route!
  12. thanks ,best not to waste they money of the speedy clearance then ?
  13. Oh dear .....its not looking good is it After speaking with TS ,they told me that altho illegal to knowingly boune a cheque ,if the company was 'in trouble' then that wouldnt be of concern to him anyway Do you think that was general advice or was she hinting at something :/
  14. Have just drafted a letter along the lines of - I have agreed a refund for vehicle ****** I have recieved deivery of the vehicle in return for a cheque for the full amount Signed - Do you reckon that would be any good if I get him to sign it ? Mind you tho if the company is in recievership then he wont give a stuff will he ?
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