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  1. Thanks, will it cost to have try and get it set aside? I am trying to see if the cost would outweigh the benefits here. Will look on credit file and see when it was issued and get back tomorrow. Hopefully either experian or equifax will have a free trial on. Are they instant access once applied? Cheers M
  2. Thanks for the replies, I didnt realise SB didnt apply to judgements. I thought once 6yrs had passed with no payment that was it but thanks for clarifying that. We think this has had a CCJ, unfortunately I dont have more info at the minute. Will try and get this tomorrow. No defence entered so this will have automatically been a CCJ I just find it strange that this is about 10yrs old and all of a sudden they issue this. Thanks again M Will the Bailiffs office allow him to set up a repayment plan or will they want to take it all back now?
  3. Thanks for the reply, If a warrant has been issued, should it not be enclosed though? Also where does he stand with this being statute barred? Cheers
  4. Hi all, I was hoping one of you good people could help. My Dad has received a letter from Chester County Court with part of it hand written stating that a warrant has been issued for collection of a debt. He advised me that this is from around 10 yrs ago and not paid a thing since. Am I correct in thinking this is statute barred? The letter looks a little dodgy to me, almost as if Arrow are trying to scare him into paying. It mentions a warrant has been issued, but no copy of the warrant was enclosed, also there is no date to pay by before the bailiffs visit. I believe a CCJ was issued many years ago. The envelope used also looks like it could have been reused. I have attached the letter and envelope below. This is all that was enclosed with the letter which arrived Friday. Envelope: Letter: If someone could look at this for us that would be hugely appreciated, I have asked my Dad to pop to Citizens advice too. Kind Regards, M
  5. Hi all, I was just wondering if someone could help clarify what my rights are here please. Background is I upgraded my phone on an O2 refresh package in July. The phone is now faulty, calls dropping at home which was never an issue with my previous phone. I have been with O2 for at least 6 years and never had to return anything, always been happy with their service. I have sent it away for repair as per O2's recomendation, however I am not optimistic it will fix it. If it is still faulty what are my options with O2 refresh, can I get a different phone? I dont want to cancel the agreement if possible but if that is an option then great. Am I correct in thinking they have 3 tries at fixing the phone then have to offer a replacement or a different model? FYI - O2 refresh split the bill in to a CCA agreement for the phone and an airtime agreement for service. Many thanks. MJ
  6. Dear all, I dont think this will ever just go smoothly in me paying 1 person the balance till cleared. A few days ago I received the following letter from Arrow: http://tinypic.com/r/3305kya/8 I then received the following from Drysdens: http://tinypic.com/r/2n09fcw/8 If you read back, Wetcloths were the last owner of this and I have been paying £50 per month as per the consent order. The £100 drydens talk about is when Arrow sold it to Wetcloths. I am very confused here,I have been paying wetcloths since last year, are they trying to deceive me, this looks completely dodgy to me. I get the feeling they want me to stop paying my DD with Wetcloths so I default the consent order. I did the honorable thing by paying my debt and not taking it to court, now they try and shaft me! Any idea on how I should proceed, my next payment to Wetcloth is 20th this month. Many thanks again
  7. Thanks Silverfox, I quoted that information to Amazon via their chat. They have filed an A-Z guarantee claim. Many thanks for your help, much appreciated
  8. Hi there, Thanks for the response, we bought it early October and has just gone out of the 90 day guarantee protection. Link here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/IMPROVED-Dual-Camera-Capacitive-accelerator/dp/B00F625MVO/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1391937225&sr=8-4&keywords=leliktec Havent queried with Amazon, just contacted them to try and get some assistance. I am just after finding out what our rights are before I phone them and quote all the relevant acts to them. Note the listing was with a different trader (OVI Trade). This is a link to the seller: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aag/main?ie=UTF8&asin=&isAmazonFulfilled=0&isCBA=&marketplaceID=A1F83G8C2ARO7P&orderID=202-0408512-1308307&seller=A1VPLF3EHSVKQ2 Regards Matt
  9. Hi All, We bought a 7" tablet from Amazon in October via a trader on the marketplace. This was advertised with a 2yr warranty. The tablet no longer charges so we contacted the seller who provided no response. We gave them 3 days and contacted Amazon. They have left a message with the trader but currently no response. We have tried contacting the manufacturer direct (Leliktec) but no response, they only have an online enquiry form. I was just wondering what our options are as we have faulty goods but outside the Amazon 90 day guarantee. Ideally looking for a refund but a warranty repair as a minimum, unfortunately we have no where else to go so just wondering what our rights are and what Amazons responsibility is in cases like this? Currently stuck with a faulty item. Many thanks
  10. Just one last thing, can Wetcloths do any damage to my credit file if it had all disappeared prior to them taking over the account. This is assuming I maintain my payments? Thanks again folks.
  11. Thanks for this. Should I enclose copies of the order? Also should I send a copy to the court that issued the order?
  12. So phones Wetcloths today and paid arrears and set up new agreement. After speaking with them they said any agreement I had with carters is no longer valid including the consent order. I was wondering where do I actually stand now? They told me this after setting the agreement up. I think I will now end up being hounded for more money from this bunch of cowboys. In hindsight the cca request should have been sent unless she is feeding me bull. She also said they have no affiliation with Arrow. Should I just settle with this and if they ask for more dosh send them the consent order? Morally I think I have done the right thing. She offered a settlement of £7400 versus a debt of £8200 so no benefit there. This debt no longer shows on my credit file as it has served it's time. Can they put any adverse info on? Thanks again good people.
  13. I guess in the grounds that the original order is not wanted by the claimant. I know technically they are all the same but if they go by different companies then surely there is a case? I couldn't just change my side if the order to be put In my mums name etc. I am still planning in restoring payment but just wondered if there is a case for challenge?
  14. Is it possible to challenge a consent order by the way? Or am I bound to it till repaid?
  15. Even though the order is between me and Phoenix/ Carter? This is where I am confused. Happy to play it safe though, too late to go for it as I gave up that opportunity by settling on the consent order.
  16. Ah yes. CCA request it is. Wrt consent order that is my feeling but interpreting the law ain't easy!
  17. Interesting thought. I might do this. At the very least it buys me a bit of time and a cheap chuckle. Now Carter has said he is not interested should I try and rectify the consent order or is this null and void. I understand all these toe rags share an office but all go by different names.
  18. I regret bottling it now, got scared at the thought of court and what if he won etc. I think I may complain to OFT and Financial Ombudsman about this. Will be interesting to see what arrow say, probably more guff and then Wescot will probably demand money off me so i think dealing with them in writing will be the best option as per Citizen B's template.
  19. Cheers. I find this very deceiving and can't help but feel they are up to no good. I get the feeling they have done this to try and pilfer more dosh out of me. It begs the question is the practice even legal? It's certainly immoral!
  20. I have contacted Cretins Carter and they have said Arrow Global have recalled this and I must get in touch with them as Carter have no interest in this anymore. I mentioned the consent order and he still said take it up with Arrow. Tried to call Arrow but they are closed. Unusual that for a dca! Will try them tomorrow. This is strange as the consent order is between Phoenix and myself. Bizarre.
  21. Agreed with this. From previous experience I expect them to come out with complete guff and probably make out like it's my fault. I will try and get back to the consent order agreement without reminding them of this unless I need to. Don't want them to have ammo to go back for a ccj as the devious soda are likely to do!
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