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  1. Hi I have a DEA coming out of my wages. Started October pay. This is for an overpayment of tax credits approx 8 years. Don't know exact figure would need to find the court papers. I owe approx 1£4k I was single at the time of claiming but unable to prove this now. I thought this would go away. I stupidly buried my head into the sand. I am on a good salary and they are taking a large proportion of my wage. Which I am finding a struggle with. I was short of my wages 500 last month as I'm also paying council tax.
  2. I'm 41. Now your talking mortgage terms, I don't understand. I was. Blindly signed into the mortgage I didn't know at the time of. Signing what I was signing. Mortgage advisor was useless. I live in a bisf property which is very hard to get a mortgage for and at the time it was preferred mortgages. In which I get annual statements from them. But my payments have been made via acenden I'm probably better off going to a trusted mortgage advisor.
  3. Yeah. My arrears are now cleared. So. Owe 63000 including 8000 costs theyve added onto my total of 55000
  4. I am currently with acenden who I believe is going to Kensington from 1st December. I didn't know that could be done in extending your mortgage to pay it off. I probably wait until Kensington take over before I ring them. Just wondered if anyone could speak of their personal experience
  5. Hi I'm after a bit of advice. I am currently interest only on my mortgage and owe approx 63000. This ends in 7 years. I am in no position to remortgage. Because of my poor credit rating and type of house I'm in. As I know this 63000 needs to be paid. What is the best way. Do I up my monthly payment to my mortgage company or save up over the 7 years. (I actually thought I had longer) Thank you
  6. Not sure if I have all statements. something I need to look for. But thank you. This is the 1st time a field agency has come out. If I need copies of statements I just ask for them dont I
  7. So what happens. Do they just get bored and send it back to acenden Sorry I don't understand this
  8. I have a check. Thanks. Do you think I should ring feild agent
  9. I did get a letter telling me an agent will be out. But thought nothing of it as I am upto date with my payments. Do I call the agent or send a letter to acenden. Can you help me with a letter. I know your are good with your words ell-en
  10. Hi. My parents separated and my mam stayed in the house. She lives in a 3 bedroom house. My sister did live with her but has since moved out. When my sister lived there the council needed to know how much her wages were and my mam needed to pay £60 rent as my sister lived at home. My sister has since moved out and my mam now pays bedroom tax. My mam also claims full HB
  11. Hi all. Yes I am having problems. I have had a field agent from excel to my house. Buy have missed him as I have been at work. They've asked me to ring them about my payments to acenden. I come to an agreement with acenden to pay an extra £75.00 per month on my arrears and they accepted. I did receive a letter to say that a field agent was coming out. But never thought anything of it. As I have been paying them every month since April. There was one month I did miss but I the missed payment the month after. And I did inform them of this via online enquiry form. I need to ring the
  12. Just a quick update. I received a letter from solicitor stating the court date has been cancelled cos I have come to agreement with payment
  13. I'm at work at the moment. I will ring tomorrow
  14. I went on page 13 and copied that statement. I was going to adjust some words. I got a form from the courts in the post. Telling me to fill it in and not ignore it. Do I fill this in also. How much is the n244 form to he handed into court. I can't find the costs
  15. I have a defence form to fill in. Do I fill this in too
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